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Christmas 2009

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Hey folks!!!

X’mas 2009.. celebrating in b’lore all in my own style 😀
8:15 a.m: My roomie ” Wake up girl… Its already 8:30…” * ehhh 8.30???? * she says “will be late for the movie..Up quick..”
yes and we were up greeting each other Merry Christmas 🙂 … quickly we all got ready and headed towards the well known “balaji” for breakfast . if u guessed it right.. it was idli plate
Next, at once we stuffed into the auto and in another 20 mins we were at Inox… All happy, excited to watch the movie “Avatar”..10 a.m show * so early in the morning *
This is the first 3D movie i was to watch, was a li’l more excited than the others.
“Avatar”…. class movie with photorealistic 3D imaginary literally transports you into the alien world!!!  Flora n fauna shown is amazing.. you’ll find all sorts of weird creatures so close to you….. you would’nt have imagined in your wildest dreamz..
had a great time there we all looking quite funny with those big eye glasses meant for 3D watching…. glasses bigger than my face 😉
The movie got over and it was a lunch time… 1 p.m. All of us had food at the food court and off we were back home..
As usual… enter home.. jump on the bed.. get d lappy (my bessssstttttt friend in blore :d)…n start chattin wid all buddies online…
Hummmm….. now day s getting a li’l boring…. n at once my roomie says.. “Hey lets go hang out some where .. ” and we went to forum.. 6 of us…
Oh my gossshhhhhhh…… damn crowded…. no breathing space… could not even dream abt entering Mc’ D nor KFC.. 😦
The decors were pretty beautiful in the center of the mall… with a huge x’mas tree… and a santa sleigh…lots of goodie packs n x’mas socks hanging around…
we munched some cookies from famous cookie man… yummy…….. n out we were from the suffocating crowd…. rushed for dinner at some place in Koramangala… this is the best part of b’lore… you find authentic food wherever you go!!
It was 9 p.m and we dropped in home… waiting for “Dance India Dance” show to come… one of our favs… luv to see some stunning performers der n alwys wonder why r we not talented dancers 😦
oops… x’mas day abt to get over….. me n my roomie… carefully locked the doors.. put off the hall lights and entered the bedroom..
both of us sat on the bed with our lappy’s…. and yes…. we decided to pen down our resolutions for the coming year 2010we r eagerly looking forward for this new yr… loads of plans… lots of hope, desire….
I opened a notepad and she took a book and a pen … soon we started noting one by one… marking some of ’em “Must Do”… wrote everything that striked our mind… soon we were ready with a biiiiiiiiigggg list
well,  you must be wondering what i mst ‘ve noted soo much… i can tell u one::*ahemmm* Eat well n healthy…and put on weight.. Must Do…..to avoid silly comments each time 😉
The x’mas day ws over…. spent very happily… received many wishes.. sent many wishes… what a swweeeet day it was!!! first time not in Goa…….

One thought on “Christmas 2009

  1. Hi Sonali

    Great way to spend a christmas out of home.Very neat summarization

    Way to go!!!!!!!! 🙂 Merry Christmas!


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