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Children of Tomorrow


“…Take me to the magic of the moment
On a glory night
Where the children of tomorrow dream away
In the wind of change… ”

And i reached the day when I had paid a visit to one of the charity centers offering care and protection for physically and mentally challenged children.

Me and the few others from my office had planned to distribute toys and some basic things to the handicapped children. Any event to be planned and we go about with these mail chains circulating around in order to collect some stuff anybody would like to give away to the poor and the needy.

It was this one weekend drive never to be forgotten. Whatever i saw, whatever i perceived did make a deep impression on my heart.

It was a well planned drive i must say. We decided upon the age group we would target. The children were all below 14 yrs we got to know. This helped us to collect the type of toys/other_needy_stuff to be distributed.
We managed to pile up a huge stock of soft toys. In addition we received a toddler bed (junior sized bed meant for young children). We also collected some clothings for kids. Thanks to all the people who contributed as a wish to help the innocent.

We stuffed the collection into a jeep and the three of us headed towards this school “Swanthana” at Sarjapur Road, Bangalore. Few others joined us on the way and totally we were 7. Swanthana, a home for the abandoned mentally challenged and spastic children including infants and pre teens. The center has children who are being abandoned by their parents at the hospitals or some other places as they are spastic and had severe disabilities.Also some kids were being brought by police whom they picked from railway stations and other public places.

As we reached the center, it was around 10 a.m and the children were brought out to the garden to play. Weather was pretty cool with clear blue sky. As our jeep arrived to their premises, the children, some big some too small ran towards us aware of the fact that they were to receive something. The innocence on their faces, curiosity in their sparkling eyes, so many questions running in their minds was clearly evident.

Being mentally retarded, some were unable to talk. Some could not walk properly due to imbalances, some had their hands and legs deformed. But still, i could see a spark in them, they had the enthu, the spirit. They were happy with whatever they had. They could hardly understand anything, but they had a smile on their face. We mingled with them, played with them, some were struggling to reach us. There were few nuns who were looking after them. we inquired about their health and they said everyday a doctor comes to check their progress. The center tries their best to support them and provide any medical facilities required. Some children suffered with cancer, some had heart blocks. They were being operated and now they are much better, as we could see them.There was this cute kid who had a brain damage and would remain infant all her life!

We started distributing toys to them and their blissful divine faces were all lighted up! Each one fairly got atleast one toy.
The children were very different from the otherwise normal kids. They did not fight with the others, they did not cry for anything. They never knew any luxuries in life. Neither did they beg for more.

Almost 31 children suffering due to mental disabilities, they were being abandoned by their families. No one to love them, no one to show any concern, no one to guide, no one to show them any life. There they were all by themselves. They did have a dream, a desire, a hope. The everlasting innocence was unbeatable. They mingled with us as if they longed to see people, strangers did’nt matter to them. They do not get any luxuries as the kids in our society. No mummy to feed them, no daddy to tell them bed-time stories.

What can we privileged people do? we, who have everything in life but no end to complaints. It is the decision of each one of us to do something to the humanity in any ways possible. Life is calling, where are we? A small deed can bring such immense pleasure to the needy, i realised that day. The things that we usually throw away as they make our house look untidy, why can’t we give them to such centers where there are so many children who cannot go to schools due to mental disabilities. They are being thrown away by their parents! what a crime! Let the childhood not suffer. Let them live.

A short little prayer:

Dear God! Please take care of these children. They are all yours. Provide them good health. Give them their daily bread and do not bring them to a test in life. Please shower your blessings on them. Let them live a life.

5 thoughts on “Children of Tomorrow

  1. Very touching… I remembered the time I had visited an orphange in Goa to celebrate my younger cousins birthday. I felt the same flow of emotions of how unfair it was that these children had to go through life in this way. It makes you feel ashamed of yourself for all the times u complain as they seem really trivial then.I remember even seeing two pairs of twins. It really breaks your heart and u always wish u could do something for them..
    Really well written. I hope everyone who reads your blog says the prayer at the end from their hearts atleast once. Its th eleats we can do …

  2. @Malita Thank you so much! yea definitely it breaks your heart when you see innocent children undergoing so much of suffering! sad!
    the least that we can do is remember them in our prayers
    hope my blog helps in some way!

  3. Hi,
    Don’t know who u r, let me know if u r planning something as mentioned above in the blog..
    Will try to help whatever possible from my end?


  4. Amen. This sounds like it was a deeply moving experience for you, Sonali. It takes a special kind of person to care for mentally and physically challenged ones and the caregivers deserve all the support the rest of us can give them. My sister-in-law and a brother-in-law work with challenged adults and from them I know how difficult but also how rewarding it can be. We can all be thankful for what we have and continue to be generous in our gifts to those less fortunate than ourselves…

  5. HI Barbara,

    Yes this was a deep experience. I was touched to see the kids suffering. And it hurts to see life throwing such challenges to the innocent ones.
    Its nice to know that your in-laws devote some time for the challenged adults, its a very difficult task to do but yes, it gives a great sense of satisfaction.

    Thanks for dropping by! 🙂

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