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A Trek – Kailashing style


Dear folks,

Is it such a small thing to have enjoyed the sun, to have lived light in the sky, to have loved, to have thought.
We do not see nature with our eyes, but with our understanding, care and our heart.

Long time since i trekked last and I’d been yearning for one. A mail drops into my inbox from our well-known “Kailashing” group mentioning the perfect itinerary for the next event. Excitement struck me within a fraction of a second and at once i get a call from the organizer “Are you In?”. Well, the only reason I had to think about was the exams which I got confirmed that they were to end well before the trip. What more? An immediate reaction – I ring back the organizer saying “I’m IN” with a big grin!! πŸ™‚

A trip to KalliKudar, a former rubber estate where now you will find tea plantations and some spices grown over a small area and the rest of the estate has been converted into a private wildlife reserve allowing the natural vegetation to re generate. Very well maintained estate located at 90 kms from Coimbatore. The itinerary mentioned about the estate endowed with beautiful natural features that include mountains, valleys, gorges, rocks, caves, streams, waterfalls, meadows, swamps, forests. Well, not to be forgotten the itinerary mentioned about the wild animals that include bears, elephants, Gaur, leapard that dwell here. Oh, what can be more exciting and venturesome!

The head count reached almost 14 and the crew was set. Now that I’ve been trekking on and off, I quite know what to pack and what not and don’t have much to shop.

Friday 9:30 a.m., I get a call from the organizer……. “Hey, We are having a difficulty in getting the right transport due to some reasons as what we had booked earlier is no more working out right. Though we still hold the trip and try until evening. Hopefully, we shall get some means.” boy o boy! why does this happen to me? The event seems so great and for all the reason that we have to cancel the plan is transport.. how mean can this be? Still, I kept my fingers crossed – no harm in keeping the hopes high! is’nt it?

It was almost 3:00 p.m. and yet no positive news. I had no clue. Once again the organizer calls me up and says “So far no arrangements for transport and hence we may have to cancel the trip”. My friend, who works in the same office as mine, kept pinging me. Being practical, we decided if it works out thats going to be our awesome luck, else.. !!

4:30 p.m. I stepped out of office and there was this god of rains showering blessings! πŸ™‚ Great weather, amazing rains with thunders and lightening in the sky. I came home, prepared myself a good tea and sat by the veranda watching rains, thoughts of life passing through my mind. It started pouring heavily and I got into my room, laid on my bed and within no time I fell asleep. I actually got a deep sound sleep and I completely came out of the trip hopes.

7:30 p.m. A familiar sound struck my ears. What was this peaceful melody.. slowly coming out of dreams i realized it was my cell ringing. Here comes the voice “Hey, The trip is still on. Transport is arranged. Be ready and we shall pick you up.”


God truly sent his wishes for my wonderful weekend through rains! πŸ™‚ I rang my friend and she too mentioned about having received a call from the organizer. Finally, both of us jumped in joy could’nt really believe that the plan is on and we were game.

They picked me up and off we all went travelling towards Mettu Palayam chatting around, the main point of discussion being how we managed to get a transport arranged last minute. Quite strange in a city like b’ lore that you have to struggle to get vehicles and stuff.

The group comprised of 14 folks most of them being b’lorians that includes two married couple, an old uncle aged 62 yrs doctor by profession and the rest of us youngsters from the IT background.

The night journey was not too comfy, but was fun as our driver drove as if he was chasing the roads furiously that seemed as if it would never end. It was around 7:00 a.m. in the morning and the weather was superb with a dense fog that filled the air. Absolutely, the scenic nature was ideal for an awesome holiday. We still had another 2hrs more to reach the KalliKudar estate. Meanwhile we stopped at some dhaba for a light breakfast that included some omlettes and tea enough to keep going for another 2 hrs. Roads were cool and we could hardly see any vehicles that way. It was an absolutely pollution free and serene way up the hill.

There our crew stood holding the luggage and other trek equipment, sighting an ancient cottage hidden completely from the world in the dense forest in its own acreage. Delightfully we approached the cottage only to find a huge labrador at the verandah staring at us with those gloomy eyes. Quite a friendly animal who let us enter the cottage without any bows and wows. Then there were few more dogs too out of which one was a white pomeranian who kept barking endlessly. The estate is well maintained by a group of localites who also arrange the food and accommodation for the trekkers/visitors coming from the various places. Simple but spacious cottage having multiple rooms, hall, kitchen,a dining room, 4 bathrooms, conventional furniture, two wonderful galleries from where you can enjoy the truly marvelous jungle view. Amazing!

We relaxed for a while and enjoyed the hot dosas and sambar served by the host(Estate owner) along with the tasty flavored tea. Believe me this dosas were the yummiest dosas i’ve ever had.simply too delicious!
We decided to have a low level trek on the first day and spend more time at the river side where we were suppose to have served our lunch by the host. Off we went, walking in the jungle being led by the guide, we walked a little while and we could see the cottage no more. On the way we went plucking the fresh and delicious guavas and also some berries. Tasty fruits!

As we proceeded a little further into the jungle and guess what??? two big wild elephants that we spotted so close, i wonder how they must have reached at the top of the hill. We were thrilled. The guide asked us to maintain silence since we were being the most chaotic creatures in the jungle yelling as if we discovered the species. Immediately after that we heard a strange roar, believe me, it was so scary as the sound signaled that the creature was approaching towards us. O jesus christ, we thought a little bit of adventure is always fun but not a life threatening venture and what if an animal like lion just pounces on us? All sorts of imagination struck us as we all tried real hard not to scream out loud. The roaring was quite near now ……. and and and………………… a lady pointed out at the sky making us realize that it was a chopper that obtained its lift from the blades. Oofff!!! thank savior! and we all burst laughing out to the loudest and yet again the guide asked us to shut up and not to disturb the wild life in the forest. πŸ™‚

We trekked up the hill and than down again until we reached a beautiful stream of gushing water at a quick-pace flow. we had an unlimited fun at the river side climbed some rocks trying to find the best place to enjoy the chilled river water. Clicked some good snaps, we skid, slid, splashed water, and after all the masti our camp host set up the lunch by the river side to fill up the hungry souls. Reminded me of the Enid Blyton’s Famous Five and their adventures, I always yearned for at least one similar kind of experience and here it was.

After a short while we started trekking once again and we came back to the cottage where we ran a hot water bath and just relaxed in the pretty cottage rooms. We girls started our chat so as to know each other, a few of them were new to our Kailashing group while the rest I had met before. Inside the cottage was a small library where we found some interesting books. It was around 6:00 p.m. when the weather became so chilled that we begged for a cup of hot tea. Some guys went out playing frisbee after pitching the tents while we enjoyed our hot tea and snacks.

It was dusk, our saturday was almost getting over only to wait for the wonderrrffull barbecues and camp fire!! πŸ™‚ Best part of any camp. Meanwhile we all sat together forming a circle in the cottage porch and thought we could have a small session where we would tell the group about ourselves and our experiences with Kailashing, also how we like the trip so far and the like – a kind of an introductory session as till now we did not know the background of most of the people. Only common factor was our organizer who knew all of us.

The camp host prepared the most delicious barbecues as a starter followed by a tasty dinner and a camp fire. Now we had a choice whether we would opt to sleep in a cute tent or in one of those pretty cottage rooms. Definitely, we would not miss the opportunity of sleeping in the cutiest tent and so we carried our stuff and off we climbed the small hill with a torch light to reach the tents. The tent was really warm and cosy inside, it was just woww!! Me and my friend, the sweetest buddy with whom I enjoyed the most while trekking, both of us adjusted ourselves into our sleeping bag and played the loveliest music while lying on the cosy floor of the tent wondering if any snakes or may be monkeys would accompany us too! πŸ˜‰

Never realised when we fell asleep in the moonlight and very soon it was dawn. Golden sun rays shone upon our tent and we woke up, struggling to get out of the sleeping bag and jumped out of the tent. What a great and memorable experience!

We went down to the cottage and got refreshed and once again had yummy dosas for breakfast. Our second day of adventure was here. The plan was to climb up the hill to reach the stream and than a stream walk. This actually sounded very easy to us, but believe me this turned out to be quite a strenous job. we climbed countless rocks to reach the valley.
And then up, up and up. We all enjoyed this session as we climbed up helping each other, crossed some wonderful rivers, me and my friend i mentioned above drank the river water like crazy. It was so pure, tasty and simply amazing. Our doctor uncle kept playing the beautiful melodies on his iPhone making the trek all the more enjoyable.

It was indeed a great excursion. While on our way we found some porcupines needle-like sharp quills, Also we located lot many big foot prints of elephants, some round and really cute shaped stones, some fish and crabs in the river, beautiful birds, white cotton fallen from the cotton trees, & a lot more.

I wished this weekend would never ever end. As always, I got attached to the sweetness of the river water, the chirping of the birds, sound of the stream, the most sporty crew,the yummiest guavas & berries, the rocks, grassland, evergreen forest, night out in the tent, the moon light, the pretty cottage amidst the natural vegetation and wild life, the tastiest barbecue, … everything was so delightful.

Every story has its end. But our fun did not end here. We enjoyed our journey back to bangalore to the fullest. Listening to the most beautiful music until all players and cells died out of charge. And than our chat, talks about daily chores, discussions over the trip events, reminding everyone twenty times to share the pics as soon as we reach b’lore. πŸ™‚

And here they are…………….

6 thoughts on “A Trek – Kailashing style

  1. Hi,

    Thanks for blogging about this place. We have decided to visit this place this weekend. Is the Name of the owner of cottage and place, Ramesh?. And how equipped we should be for this place? Any inputs will be great!


  2. Hi Kanthi,

    Thanks for dropping by! πŸ˜€
    And yes, the name of the owner is Ramesh. About being equipped, Id say nothing much really. You may experience a heavy rainfall there, so I’d suggest to be prepared. The owner is extremely supportive and provides every possible thing that you may require. Food is awesome! πŸ™‚

    Hope you enjoy your stay! πŸ™‚

  3. Good write-up, trekking enthusiast.. πŸ™‚

  4. What a wonderful way to be with friends and share the natural world with them! I loved the pictures – they gave me a good feel for what you described in your post. Elephants! That sounds so exciting! There is safety in numbers, I think. I was hiking with family when we saw a black bear in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia and I remember feeling very brave when I took its picture… It sounds like you had a fantastic time!

    • Hi Barbara,

      Yes, indeed. We had a jolly good time πŸ™‚ It was fun. Yes there was a safety in the number of Elephants. You right, taking a picture of the wild animals itself makes us feel brave! I love trekking, especially new places, and again its been a long time since I went last.

      Thank you so much for taking time to read this old post!


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