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Thinking of embarking your journey with success? Do you think you have too many worries, too many problems that you are unable to cope up, to fulfill your dreams, to achieve your goals?

Often we complain about being frustrated, business problems, work overload, personal issues, difficulty in finding appropriate solution.

Have you ever realized the huge unbounded array of choices that you have available while being confronted with taking up certain crucial decisions? Often, we all get paralyzed especially when we are being served with a huge plate of variant choices, at times many of those sound great. To add more to the paralysis, well-wishers giving hell-lot of suggestions of their own. Leads to confusion. Isn’t it?

Most of the tactics that we use, we learn out of our own as well as peoples experiences. Past experience is the best way to deal with many circumstances and hence we hear the line, “Learn out of experience, experience is the best lesson”. Worse the experience, better the lessons. isn’t it?

Have you heard this particular one liner, “Agar aap kuch kaam hatke karenge, toh log aapko hataa hataa ke dekhenge”. 🙂
What does this mean? If you build up a different, unique personality, people shall want to see you, while clearing their way through the crowd. Isn’t it wonderful to be a highlight of the crowd?

One simple exercise that we must do when we are being attacked by multiple sizzling problems. Lift up your right hand as if your are holding a cup. With your left hand, pick your sorrows, complaints, fuss, jealousy, tensions, every blocking factor one by one. Put it in the cup of your right hand. And pour it out one bye one. try it! works awesomely. You will feel so light and free that you realize happiness has just hugged you and its fun too.

Very often, problems are not problems at all. Its just a mindset. A troubled mind in the corner that tells us. If you can identify who is to be blamed for the so-called problems that you call, here is a short thought upon how the world works lately:

If a man cuts his finger off while slicing salami at work, he blames the restaurant.
If your children are brats without manners, you blame television.
If your neighbor crashes into a tree while driving home drunk, he blames the bartender.

This is how it is.

What about the circumstances not under your circle of influence? It is crucial to identify the problems that can be solved under your circle of influence, and those which are just a concern to you. What I mean is, if the education minister takes some decisions upon the change in the process which may not be easy to adapt to, definitely that may concern you. But can you solve the issue yourself? Things become much simpler once they are being burned down by analysis.

To solve today’s complex problems, we need to incorporate wide range of skills, styles and perspectives. We must work together as a team towards a common vision. “Less Me, More We”. There is no “I” in teamwork.

Recently, for one program that I happened to attend, we played a small game. Wonderful game with a brilliant lesson in it.
The game is called “Blue-Red” game. We were being divided into two groups. While the game was on, group A remained inside the room and group B had to move out of the room. The game comprised of 9 rounds. In each of the rounds, each group had to select one of the colors, that’s either red or blue. A red scores +2 and blue scores -1. However, if both the groups select a blue, both gain +1 each. And if both groups select red, both the groups score a -1. For, our benefit, after the 4th round and the 8th round, if we wish, only a single member from each team could meet up and decide upon a strategy. The group with the highest +ve score wins the game. If both the groups remain with a -ve score, the game co ordinator is the one who receives the rewards.

Fun Began! 🙂 We started off. I was in group B and we were out of the room. Group A chose a Red. We too chose a Red. Definitely, we both scored just a -1. This went on for the first four rounds. None of the groups wanted to lose, but we did not mind both of us losing. After the fourth round we selected the volunteers who would meet and discuss. Both the teams came to a conclusion that we both would choose blue so that we can make a +ve score. In the 5th and the 6th round we both selected blue and got a +1 each. It was a 7th round. we chose a blue. The group A chooses a Red. Here we were. Group A scoring +2 and we got a -1. Next, group A communicated to us that they did not want to have any more meeting with our group. And in the last two rounds both the groups chose red.

My dear friends, this is exactly what happens in our real life. Had we all chosen a blue right from the beginning, both the groups could have won. But alas! no body wanted themselves to lose and the other one to win. There was a back stabbing. When both the groups came to a conclusion to choose a blue, but the moment one team realized they would benefit by cheating the other team, they did not care.They went ahead with their own choice. Hence forth, we could not trust them for further rounds. Also, due to the guiltiness they did not agree for a second meeting as they were aware of their deeds.

It was a fun game though and yeah! a lesson for life. Make good choices such that you end up with a win-win situation. And that is how a good team functions. Help each other, work towards a common goal, share the burden, divide the grief and don’t forget to have fun! 🙂

“Together Everyone Achieves More”.

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