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Remember Me?

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A novel written by Sophie Kinsella, immensely composed of wicked humor & inherently charming story line.

Lexi Smart wakes up in a hospital thinking its 2004 and she is 25 yrs old with a crooked teeth and a disastrous love life. She knows nothing about her present life as she is suffering from Amnesia. Surprised, she wakes up at the hospital, but she remembers nothing about how she arrived there. Dr. Harman, a neurologist, conveys to her that she was found unconscious on the road due to an accident that took place while she was driving a Mercedes convertible.

Lexi remembers nothing and screams in amazement when she hears that she owns a Mercedes! The only thing she remembers last is clubbing out with her friends that night and then they are running around for a taxi, which had happened in 2004. Dr. Herman tries to convince her that its 2007 already. Is it easy to believe when some one tells you its already four years down the line as if you have just skipped them from your precious life?

Lexi loses a portion of her crucial memory where there have been immense changes in her career life, love life. She looks at herself in the mirror and is surprised to see her teeth aligned and her hair made up. Her body is toned and she carries a Vuitton handbag. She looks pretty and professional.

To add to her surprises, she gets to know she is married! And whom is she married to? A gorgeous husband who also happens to be a super multimillionaire hunk. She has a fantastically royal life, having her own sleek new loft, personal assistant, a carb-free diet, a set of glamorous new friends.

As she is now suffering from Amnesia, she wonders what made her transform into this new life? Her old friends hate her. Her younger sister who ones used to be the dearest has now moved away and become a spoilt brat. And, As she moves forward towards discovering her life which is now become a mystery for her own self, she realizes many facts of life, her enemies at work, her family and also a man she is having an affair with.

How on earth has all this happened? Does she ever remember? The secrets, schemes, intrigues that she encounters, what happens if she ever recovers this precious chunk of her memory back?

One thought on “Remember Me?

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