Dreams Hope Destiny


They say,

They say, perhaps because they felt or they saw or they heard. They say things that please them or they think they can please their buddies. They say something they think its a truth of life or something they feel they must believe. They say, we hear.

They say, ~~~~~~ All good things come to those who wait ~~~~~~
And they say, ~~~~~~ Time and Tide wait for None ~~~~~~

They say, ~~~~~~ The pen is mightier then the sword ~~~~~~
And they say, ~~~~~~Actions speak louder than words ~~~~~~

They say, ~~~~~~ Many hands make the work lighter ~~~~~~
And they say, ~~~~~~Too many cooks spoil the soup ~~~~~~

They say, ~~~~~~ Doubt is the beginning of wisdom ~~~~~~
And they say, ~~~~~~ Faith moves mountains ~~~~~~

They say, ~~~~~~ Honesty is the best policy ~~~~~~
And they say ~~~~~~ Straight trees are cut first and honest people are victimised first ~~~~~~

What do we believe?
Funny world, Funny People!! 🙂