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By the shores


‘Hey Sheryl, Check it out!’ screamed little Daphnie. ‘There is a star shaped object right here. Oh, how lovely! Looks like a star has fallen from the sky! Amazing!’ Her face appeared to be pinked with excitement. Daphnie’s eyes were gleaming as the waves reflected clearly by her eyes. It was a bright sunny day when Daphnie and Sheryl were taken out at the Candolim beach by Sheryl’s Mum. As the waves were gushing towards the shore, dragging away the sand, thereby listing the beautiful sea ornaments on the wet sand, Daphnie and Sheryl got themselves busy gathering the sea shells. The varieties of shells – the sea urchins, cowrie shells, scallop shells bearing different shapes amazed them as their thoughts wandered about how and how these shells originate. As the girls built up the sand castle, the waves would gush and smash their small cute castle and they would build it up again. They jumped into the sea with excitement thus getting drenched and twitched up their lips as the ocean salt water entered their mouth. As the waves approached them Daphnie splashed water on Sheryl and they both shouted out with glee. All they could hear was the sound of violently splashing waves and the strong breeze blowing at a speed hitting the shore side coconut trees.

Millions of Shells
shells & more

Sheryl’s Mum was overjoyed as she saw the two girls admiring the nature at the beach. She thought, ‘Nature is such a gift to humanity! such pleasure the colors of the nature bring, such simpleness, peace & love mother nature selflessly share. How destined are we. The waves brush away all the worlds sorrows, the birds bring cheer, the trees sway with the wind thus adding calmness, the flowers along side adding freshness thus spreading the joyous fragrance. How beautiful it looks when the old leaves fly away thus filling up the air. How pretty it looks when the sea shells gather at the shore when the wave breaks harshly and then the shells go deep down into the sand disappearing into the wild oceanic. You never know when you see the next bunch of shells – are they the same that went into the sand core? The crabs crawling through the wet sand at the shore and then hide into the pores. The oysters thus break open after being matured, some of them producing natural pearls by consuming parasites over days. How truly amazing!’

Around Kukkal Caves, South India

As the girls filled up their kerchiefs with sea shell collections, She thought, ‘Look around the place. Oh! why are the coke bottles swinging with the waves? why is the plastic floating into the deep blue sea? why is the dark smoke rising up polluting the fresh air? Oh! suddenly the fresh air seems to be filled with unbearable suffocating smoke. Why are the cigarette packets found everywhere in the sand where the children are suppose to be building their sand castles? The clean sand is seen to being getting black and the sea water isn’t as clear as it used to be. Why is the immaculate nature being tortured? Does Sheryl and Daphnie even know whats going to happen to the beauty they are right now deeply admiring? Whats the future?’

smoke all around. ruin!

Give your thoughts!! Just like little Daphnie and Sheryl, we used to play at the sea shore during our childhood days and collect the beautiful sea ornaments. But now, the beaches are such polluted that we don’t feel like visiting them any more. Sadly, the tar stones are found on the sand that once used to be clear and soft. The cola cans and the cigarette packs are always found floating by the shore.

What do you think?

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  1. Perhaps you should write childrens books! What do you think?

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