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The Most Memorable One!


Saturday 15th January 2011, 3:30 a.m.

Wake up!!! up up up!!! shouted out my friends-of-all-times 🙂

Ah! after attending all the phone calls at night I had managed to hit the bed at 1:00 a.m. and wake up!! But, my roomies. They were wide awake, jumping & hopping, calling up everyone, laughing out loud. Someone made tea, some one packed biscuits while I was still lying on my bed. That was it. They had to pounce on me – I was finally UP!

Dressed up. At such an odd hour, odd weekend. Walked on the road, in the dark, in the chillness, met up the other buddies – who were also crazily up this morning. Finally, 16 of us – 2 cars, 1 bike. Headed towards Nandi hills 65kms away from Bangalore. For nothing, but to view the SuN RiSe and one more (I shall reveal later)!!!! 🙂

With each sun rise, we start anew!

Nothing is more beautiful than the loveliness of the mountains before sunrise

Oh! It took me by complete surprise when I got to know one must buy tickets to visit the Nandi Hills! Pay to view the natural beauty??

With the chillness in the air, our pale faces gazing towards the spectacular sky and then towards the far-away hills covered with fog caught up our eyes.

Far-Away Foggy Hills

Heavenly Hills

And for the surprise I was talking about……..

Delicious treat!

We, the friends land creatures, had gathered at the top of Nandi Hills to celebrate the birthday of 🙂 yours truly! Yes, my best buddies were up at 3:00 a.m. ,picked up the most delicious cake, drove up to the hill top, melodiously sang the “happy birthday” song for me while the morning breeze gently enveloped us and the sun rays flashed against our pale faces & what more can i ask?

I thank you all, my roomies and friends from the bottom of my heart! This will always be the most memorable one!

Making memorable moments for yourself is not such a big thing. But you all my dear friends, being the key part in my memorable moment gives me this everlasting happiness!

Love you all!!!

6 thoughts on “The Most Memorable One!

  1. Absolutely beautiful pictures! Breathtaking! And what a cool way to celebrate your birthday!!! happy belated birthday!

  2. sonali, what wonderful friends you have! What a gift! The sunrise is amazing…you will have a most fantastic year. Happy birthday!

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