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Its the Easter Month!


Its been quite sometime since I wrote down something, Little did I compose & little did I visit my favorite blogs and wrote down my comments about them. Though I had many things crawling on my mind, its as always the ‘time’.

While trying hard to catch up with time, multiple things have come up my way – some adventures, some fun, certain events, hell-lot of work and what not. In the end its fun and a good learning for life. Just that now, I escaped from going for an outing with friends to a resort as an overnight stay and get-together, I chose to stay back home. A compromise, but definitely helps at times.

Well, its mid-April already and I can sense this year being running as fast as it can. I usually have this targets set for every three months, but alas! life has become simply too fast-forwarded, that I can’t pause and look for the missing pieces.

Easter is approaching, and as always I shall be travelling back home. Festivals are celebrated grand in my place, Goa. The holy week has begun from today being the Palm Sunday. The rituals for Good Friday begin on the preceding Thursday. A feast symbolising the last supper of Christ is held on Thursday night. The end of this meal marks the beginning of the fast for Easter. On the day of Good Friday, innumerable Goan catholics flock to the church for the mass and then participate in the way of the cross. The sermon is usually in the Konkani language in front of the large crowd dressed in a formal attire, in usually black, white and blue colors. Good Friday is observed as a day of sorrow, grieving and fasting.

There is usually a midnight mass for Easter. Easter marks the end of the period of Lent, and the fast is broken on this day. Before breaking the fast, Christians go to the church for the Holy Communion. After this, they greet each other “A Happy Easter”. At home, wine is an essential accompaniment for lunch. The evening is set aside for get-togethers of family and friends, and dinner is a large elaborate feast. The gifting of the chocolate-crusted Easter egg to children at home is a ritual that is widely followed.

Easter Sunday is a day of hope and a new beginning. The Easter celebrations signify the triumph of truth over falsehood, of justice over injustice and of goodness over evil.

Lets hope this Easter brings along, peace in the world. Let us pray for the people suffering due to natural calamities, like the earthquakes, tsunami and nuclear blasts in Japan, Hurricanes and storms in the US and many other places and the like. Let us pray for a better world as we rejoice in the glorious resurrection of the Lord Jesus Christ on this auspicious occasion, May the almighty shower his light and blessings on the people in the world.

My weekend ends with this thought in mind, looking forward to yet another busy week ahead, until I leave to my hometown on the coming
Thursday. Happy Easter, in advance to all! 🙂

7 thoughts on “Its the Easter Month!

  1. Wishing you A Very Happy Easter, Sonali! The celebrations you describe sound so colorful and festive. I looked for your state of Goa on a map of India so I could picture where you will be. I had not realized there were so many Christians in India. Have a safe journey and enjoy the precious blessings of being with your loved ones!

    • Wishing you too a wonderful Easter! 🙂 Yes, Goa is a tiny state on the west coast of India – truly beautiful! The vacations mean more for being with the loved ones, well, Thank you so much! 🙂

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  3. Hi, Sonali. A Happy Easter to you!! I didn’t know where Goa was, either, or that you were Christian. For some reason, I always think of Indians as Buddhists or Hindus. You have widened my mind today. Thank you!

    • Hi Kathy,

      I hope you had a wonderful Easter Sunday! 🙂 And, you so rightly guessed I am a Hindu like many of the Indians! Frankly, India is a place where dwell folks from various religions. In Goa we have quite an equal number of Hindus and Christians, and we celebrate all the festivals be it Christmas or Diwali (Festival of lights for Hindus) .This actually brings us a lot closer and builds up the peace and harmony amongst all of us. I love making Christmas sweets and putting up the Christmas decorations. Actually, festivals are just too awesome. Its a time which brings along an opportunity to meet your loved ones, a time for get-togethers and a good break from an otherwise busy schedule! is’nt it Kathy? 🙂

  4. Enjoy your easter, i’ll be working. lol.
    Iv hear you on the fast forward thing, times moves far too fast

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