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Rock’n Kailashing


It all started this way, let me tell you. Very interesting.

29th July 2011

A bunch of 23 young folks got together, off for an adventure. Oh did I just say “ADVENTURE”? Well, frankly I did not even think in my super dreams that its going to be this!

Twenty-three different personalities, many of who were yet unfamiliar to one another circled up at the railway station at 10:00 p.m.

Being one of the organizers of the trekking group named Kailashing, I had a list of travelers and their tickets in my hand.

The fun began right when everyone started memorizing the names and familiarizing with the fellow travelers.  Let me tell you, it hardly took a few minutes time when everybody got into the comfort zone, pretty well-adjusting people all were!

The train arrived Shimoga station at around 5:00 a.m. from where we had to board a local bus (The colorful local buses that can be seen running across the Bangalore city too) to a place named Sagar.  The bus journey was awful! yeah,  the bus was crowded and we went standing  until we arrived at a place close to Nandigodu. Go wherever, the tea freaks were out for a good tea hunting and thus encountered a small tea shop by when the trek guides came along to pick us up. We travelled another twenty minutes and arrived at the base camp at Nandigodu.

Green heading towards the Blue

One peculiar thing about Kailashing is that we all love to get very close to the nature and thus do not fish for any luxuries – definitely not in the deep jungle.  This time most of the fellow Kailashers were newbies and hence we could not initially predict how would the group get along. But believe me, the group was amazing.  They were all sporty, adventurous,  friendly and kind all throughout.

Did you ever think you must once participate in MTV Roadies?  This was one of our unexpected like-roadies expedition.


We Kailashers were ready wearing our trek suits and trekked through the jungle to a beautiful river.

When I say I don’t know swimming I really mean it. And I’m asked to cross a river end-to-end, back and forth. This was something we all wanted jump into, though we were afraid, we went for it. Struggled initially, but we tried and reached almost halfway. We never looked back. The water was 45 ft deep we were told. We floated, swam, paddled as if fighting fiercely with water and we all did fantastic, only in the end found a slimy snake floating in the river…!!!  Did you ask what was our reaction at that point of time? !!!!

River that we crossed through its length

We reached the other side of the river where we were taught diving after which once again we had no choice but swim across and come back.  There was no use thinking about the snake and we had no option but to swim again in the deep and wide river!


It was past 2:00 p.m. when we were done with our lunch – a typical Malnad style food.

Off we went venturing into the deep jungle where we were taken at an altitude hiking upwards. The uphill climb was awesome with rains adding to the beauty in the jungle. Until we reached a place where we stood facing a steep rocky deep downhill, believe me it was one spooky feeling for a reason that we had to rappel down the steep downhill, rocks being slippery and rains pouring over us! Once again, the crew started panicking, trembling and yet not giving up.  The instructions were given to us which stated that rappelling is one of the dangerous sports where any mistake would cause a major injury that we might even break our head for life! How does it sound to you?

When shall we land?

All of you who haven’t done rappelling in your life, you truly are missing something amazing. Rappelling is one sport that adds a feather to your thrill, if you ever have a desire to challenge yourself. I was the fourth person to rappeldown, while the third was a lady who slipped and got injured while on her way down due to a slippery rock.

Rappelling down

I enjoyed the entire stretch of the downhill; it was pouring heavily making it really difficult. I looked around; the crew was howling and cheering. The view was awesome, It was beautiful everywhere. My hands were trembling as the rope was getting wet and loose and I had to grab it tight. I looked down for a second, and oh my gosh! It was deep and steep. I struggled to keep myself perpendicular to the slope. It was tough. I took my time, rappelled slowly, one step at a time.

Hurraaaaayyyyyyy… and I finally landed down. A sense of achievement which occurred to me at this moment can’t be explained. I was thrilled and overjoyed! I felt brave.

I was so happy that I climbed up once again to support and cheer the others rappelling down. I loved Rappelling!


It was dusk. It was chilling. We were all wet, shivering. Only until the camp fire began and gave us the warmth we needed the most. Campfire is always the most wanted event of a camp, we shared our experiences, spoke about the previous events, joked laughed prepared barbeque and finally, got into our tents and slept dead for the day.

31st July 2011

It was a bright day, welcoming us for our third adventure sport – a high rope walk. It had three phases, ropes tied up in three different styles one of which was called Burma bridge. It seems people used to cross the Burma River on a high rope bridge in the olden times.

Climbing up so tall

Walking on the tight rope at an altitude was yet again breathtaking. We were instructed about changing the harness and tightening the belt ropes and stuff like that. A string ladder was laid down for us to climb at a height where the rope was tied and then start walking on the rope from there. The first two phases were thrilling and fun, though we struggled as the rope would shake and our legs would tremble. The third phase was the one where we had to jump off from that same height and zoom down. Oof! While it was scary and yet spooky we did it well! We took it up and enjoyed the adventure.

walking across with trembling feet

Burma bridge walk

The evening was spent walking into the jungle, enjoying the nature, ate a lot of jungle fruits, walked by the village, helped farmers in planting the paddy, and finally headed back to Bangalore.

Yummy treat, from the nature

Helping hand to the farmers

There were bullocks too

Offering worship

The fields

This trip in particular taught me a lot. I learnt that when you are new to something it initially looks difficult and sometimes, impossible. But with courage and free mind you must attack it. Go for it. Never give up on anything. While swimming and rappelling we struggled, went out of breathe, there was no strength. But somewhere deep within we kept our goal in mind and fought until we achieved it. Some of us got injured; some of us felt like giving up in the middle of the task, but in the end when we made it through, it was ultimate. The feeling of success gave us the confidence for the next task. It was great!

Here, I would like to thank the crew from the bottom of my heart for encouraging and being supportive throughout! I’d be glad to organize adventurous trips through Kailashing and participate in many such events.

4 thoughts on “Rock’n Kailashing

  1. What an amazing expedition! If I was still in my 20s and “in shape” I would have liked to have gone with you, but I thoroughly enjoyed hearing about your adventure from your narrative and photos. You probably tested every muscle group in your body with the swimming, rappelling and rope walking. I do dream of taking a tree canopy walk in a rain forest one day… It’s so wonderful that you are enjoying your youth this way, testing your strength and being so close to nature. 🙂

    • Thank you, Barbara! You know, we are next planning an ultra light flying event and I hope I don’t miss it as we also have a festival coming up during the same time. Yes, this youth life memories will be cherished forever! 🙂

  2. Sonali, thank you for sharing about your trip. What a wonderful expedition! I can feel the energy in what you wrote…the challenges…and the sheer joy of trying something new and succeeding. These lines, especially, filled me with happiness: I learnt that when you are new to something it initially looks difficult and sometimes, impossible. But with courage and free mind you must attack it. Go for it. Never give up on anything.

    Precious words to remember. Thank you so much.

    • Kathy, I’m glad you liked it and I’m thankful for getting the opportunities and learning new from every experience. Thank you so much for your kind words 🙂

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