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I Kissed the Sun!

Yes, I did. I kissed the sun this morning!  Where? In this cozy corner in my house where I sip my first cup of tea every morning, where the sun falls through the balcony door & there I sit on the floor. The sun wishes me a wonderful day, and I thank the sun back for coming this way. And we both smile, across the miles for we are God’s workmanship.

I love sun. The brightness, the warmth, the energy , the variance and everything about it. The sun’s golden rays, and that’s what my name means too!

Sun at its best - Colva Beach

I hail from the place above. Is’nt it glorious? It brings back those fond memories like a walk by the shore with my family. I miss the “silent, lost in thoughts” walk while the sun would answer some of the questions for us.

There's always sun behind

There’s the sun showing its uniqueness, giving its brightness among’st the dark. That is how special the sun is.

There is always sun behind the clouds

Through the deep shola forest too!

Its when I look up, the sun is always there giving me the everlasting feeling of liveliness.  Saying, “You are a part of me. You are a light.” when I need it and sometimes “Today is your day, go create your dreams.” 🙂

Have you ever kissed the sun too? 😉