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Welcome Monsoons!

Its almost the Monsoons!  The pre-monsoon winds are here. The most long-awaited time of the year. The freshness is all in the air. The showers have blessed our wonderland. All we needed is to feel the thunders and watch the sparkles of the lightning in the sky.  The clouds have gathered. They are over-joyed and they want to break their excitement over our motherland, by clashing into one another and pouring the showers of blessings.

Its just a perfect weather to have your evening coffee and hot snacks while sitting by the window watching the rains. It brings out a wave of  nostalgia, while it takes you back into the memory lane. The times when monsoons arrived during the school re-opening. When you are all excited to go into the next class, packing your bag with fresh new books taking the smell of those new pages over & over millions of times.  The new rain coat, the new uniform, the new school bag, the new tiffin box and the water bottle. Tell me, do you cherish those wonder days?

While the roads would be logged with the rain water, I used to be one of those kids who would jump into the mud puddles. There was no question of carrying the umbrella, because even if you had one the powerful wind & the heavy rains would not let you hold it intact.  Our school ground used to be filled with the rain waters up to our knee level and we used to carry another pair of uniforms to school. I loved those mud puddles and I remember the stones they used to keep so that we could skip from one stone to another to reach our school gates. What fun!

The monsoon showers bring along  those memories of the first love, the first of its kind. The love that blossomed just like the buds blossomed into the beautiful flowers.  As the rain drops hit upon the roof top, you remember the first heart beat you felt when the two hearts clicked. Watching the rainbow you cherish the colors that your love has painted your life with. The warmth of the two hands holding each other while walking down the road sharing an umbrella.  Tell me, don’t you agree?

If there is something remarkable about the season, it is the feeling of freshness it brings to the young and the old.  The cuckoo and the hummingbird sing their melodies expressing their feelings about the monsoons.  The feeling that makes you thank the almighty for giving us a wonderful life.  Can you imagine standing under the tree with a group of friends for protecting from the rain and then a sudden urge to shake the branches, just to feel the tinkling droplets.

Its specially in my developing village back home that we usually have no electricity during the monsoons.  Our house with four glass doors in the living room when its pitch dark everywhere except for the oil lamps lit in the living room and then comes bolts of lightning which tremendously brightens up our house and then a “thhuddd”. Those thunders. Believe me, its damn scary. Then you hear your neighbors scream saying the trees have uprooted by the road side or the electric pole has collapsed. very common. Afters it takes two to three days to get the lines fixed.

Let us wait & watch what the monsoons have brought for us this year.

Overall, I love the rains. I love everything about it. The smell of the freshly wet mud, the oil lamps & candles, the heavy winds, the lush greenery, the newness, I could go on forever.

I am planning my vacations for the next month & I shall get you some pictures of the monsoons from back home. Until then, take care & have a blessed time 🙂



To be a dreamer or a realist?

Its been a while.

Okay. Its been months since this blogger has been asleep.  Only dreaming. More & more dreams filling up her mind, that she has forgotten she has a real life, real friends,  real food. She has forgotten she can speak. She has forgotten she can jump, exercise, play keyboard & everything else.

She has created a whole new world of her own, where she has only those who she loves. For her, only peace exists. Her phone has been robbed. She uses another old handset where only those contacts are saved who she forever loves to talk.  She lives the songs she hears and she lives them over & over & over. She has been meditating for she wants all the bad that she sees or hears to be removed from the corners of her mind. She seeks to have a pure life. She continues her dreams sitting by the window,  where two pigeons offer her their wishes everyday.She wants to give winds to their wings, light to their path and dreams to their hearts.  And she silently thinks about  those who have left her forever, only to meet the heavenly father.

Soon, here comes the realists. Her dearest ever loving friends. The noisiest creatures on earth. The fun lovers. The mischief players.  The jolly happy souls. They think she is not talkative. They think she is tired. They think she needs energy booster. They think this dreamer is bored.

How much do they know she has danced for ten long hours while she was asleep? Oh you read right. She sleeps ten to twelve hours. She is just another “sleeping beauty”. How much do they understand a non-realist?

Alright. With the feeling of being alive and with a glass of icy rose drink, cheers to all you active souls. This rose drink goes to all those busy folks, who do not have minutes in a day to quench their thirst. To the ones who rush through their life as if today is the last day of survival.


Well folks, Its not only your dreams but to bring them into reality. Work hard to see them happening in reality. To see yourself flying like a bird high up once you see your dreams have come true – this is my learning for the day.

And here I say a special  “thank you” to that wonderful blogger, who asked me if I have kissed the moon since January – as a reminder for this blogger of being alive. Oh yes, I have.  *smiling with glee*