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To be a dreamer or a realist?


Its been a while.

Okay. Its been months since this blogger has been asleep.  Only dreaming. More & more dreams filling up her mind, that she has forgotten she has a real life, real friends,  real food. She has forgotten she can speak. She has forgotten she can jump, exercise, play keyboard & everything else.

She has created a whole new world of her own, where she has only those who she loves. For her, only peace exists. Her phone has been robbed. She uses another old handset where only those contacts are saved who she forever loves to talk.  She lives the songs she hears and she lives them over & over & over. She has been meditating for she wants all the bad that she sees or hears to be removed from the corners of her mind. She seeks to have a pure life. She continues her dreams sitting by the window,  where two pigeons offer her their wishes everyday.She wants to give winds to their wings, light to their path and dreams to their hearts.  And she silently thinks about  those who have left her forever, only to meet the heavenly father.

Soon, here comes the realists. Her dearest ever loving friends. The noisiest creatures on earth. The fun lovers. The mischief players.  The jolly happy souls. They think she is not talkative. They think she is tired. They think she needs energy booster. They think this dreamer is bored.

How much do they know she has danced for ten long hours while she was asleep? Oh you read right. She sleeps ten to twelve hours. She is just another “sleeping beauty”. How much do they understand a non-realist?

Alright. With the feeling of being alive and with a glass of icy rose drink, cheers to all you active souls. This rose drink goes to all those busy folks, who do not have minutes in a day to quench their thirst. To the ones who rush through their life as if today is the last day of survival.


Well folks, Its not only your dreams but to bring them into reality. Work hard to see them happening in reality. To see yourself flying like a bird high up once you see your dreams have come true – this is my learning for the day.

And here I say a special  “thank you” to that wonderful blogger, who asked me if I have kissed the moon since January – as a reminder for this blogger of being alive. Oh yes, I have.  *smiling with glee*

10 thoughts on “To be a dreamer or a realist?

  1. A dreamer who kissed the moon! Sometimes we need to be quiet, to dream, to turn inward, inward, watching ourselves as if through a dark night. At other times we need to turn toward the sun, jumping upward, embracing realism. Perhaps the world is a dance between dreaming and realism, back and forth, finding our own special rhythm. Blessings, Sonali! I am so glad you posted!

  2. We dreamers have our place in the world, even if just to balance the realists. And we all have a little bit of the other inside of us, even if one way of approaching life is dominant in our personalities. We all need time to dream, some of us more than others of us… 🙂 The icy rose drink looks so refreshing! When you wake up from your sweet dreams I hope you will feel refreshed, Sonali. Cheers!

  3. Feeling much refreshed after reading your comment though. Ya one side is dominant in us and it is sometimes difficult to attain the balance. But it seems important to have the right balance. May you have a cheerful day too 🙂

  4. I’m one of those busy folks, who do not have minutes in a day to quench my thirst. Your rose drink looks enticing. Are those lychies bobbing about on the top? May I have a sip?

    • Dear Rosie! such a lovely name. I’m so glad to see you here and let me welcome you with a glass full of icy chilled rose drink. 😀 Those are not lychies but ice cubes floating on top. I’m sorry you have no minutes to even quench your thirst. Many of us have such busy buzzy lifestyles. But its important to stop by once in a while. Thank you so much for stopping by. May you have a joyful sunday 🙂

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  6. My little devils keep me busy, and at times I run out of time to quench my thirst. But then the little kid inside me screams – slow down and have a sip of that refreshing lemon drink 🙂
    Cheers !!

  7. I agree with Kathy, some days we need to slow down and be with ourselves and other days we need to be busy and getting things done. The hard thing is to find the balance, and in that not forgetting about enjoying life in the moment. Because I think you are right; it’s just all too easy to rush through life, and suddenly it’s over and you haven’t enjoyed one single moment.

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