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All fun no work

Whatever I’m going to tell you now, please keep it to yourself. Do not talk about it. Ssshhhh….

Be quiet and enjoy the pictures below:

The two standing by the lake gossiping about the new winds.

Guys rafting in the lake, on a pleasant Friday morning.

I spotted the four guys from very far rafting in the lake on a quiet Friday morning. Have they bunked the office? They have no idea I captured them in my camera. It appeared as if they were looking out for something. What were they trying to do? I can just wonder.

Hey Guys, don’t you’ll have any work on this weekday?

What are you doing, they asked. I scurried away from the lake view before they could question me further.

Still Swings. All the children are at school.

This blogger had a lovely conversation with the grass below. The grass said, I love the working days when no one is around here. No one jumps over me, walks over me. Week days are the best times. A time for healing.  Look how fresh I look this morning. During the holidays everyone visits here &  they crush me.They never look at me, talk to me or even say a “hello”.

Grass meditating, grateful for this morning.

I love working days ~Grass

This blogger captured the pictures from a distance making sure not to trouble the grass and quietly moved on. Helpless.

There you are! Tiny Squirrel.

A place of worship. A beautiful temple.

I walked & I walked through & through the lanes. Shakira sang into my ears,

“This is your moment
No hesitations

Today’s your day
I feel it
You paved the way
Believe it

If you get down
Get up Oh oh…
When you get down
Get up eh eh…”

Thoughtlessly I walked further down the beautiful lanes.

No one there. Everybody is at work.

“Go Green” – start from your house.

I have captured some of the really beautiful mansions, without the owners permission. I’m sorry but dear owners, if you happen to see the picture of your house on my blog then its only because I found your house really beautiful. I’m sure you are so kind that you won’t punish me for this. 🙂

A Barbie House

I feel the world’s best Barbie lives in the mansion above. A pretty pink bungalow. Doesn’t it look like one of those mansions from the fairy tales? Would you not click a snap if you’d see it? A strawberry house, with the strawberry cake slab steps and the strawberry cone pillars. Inside lives a lovely princess.

A Beautiful corner house

Pots arranged so well.

Love the shape. Is there any spare room available for one?

Another cake house. Delicious!

Hibiscus. Toppings on the cake.

What’s the secret I spoke about you ask?

Well, while everybody else here was working & working hard & yearning for a break, I went for a photo walk, a lovely lonely walk. All the way listening to Shakira and Shania and Celine Dion and Bryan Adams and ….  The streets were empty, everywhere was peaceful.

My new camera did pretty well.

Of course, I had a lovely day! It was a treat to myself.



Only time will tell

The music was slowly fading away.  It was pitch dark.  She lit up two candles, one on the center table and the other next to the vase kept at the front entrance.  Heavy rains clattered along the roofs. Little Snoopy was lying on the carpet just so close to the candle where his furry body would absorb the warmth. She sat on the main couch with looks as intense as ever and picked up the phone  to inquire with the local electrician when the currents would be back.

Can the poor folks repair the broken electric poles in the heavy rains during the night? They said, the work can’t be done until the next morning and she understands. Her humbleness had always been on her forehead. She remained seated, concentrating on the sound of rains while the sudden thunders gave her a fright as if they would take her away. Her face still had no variation.  Snoopy walked towards her and gently cuddled by her feet. She  slightly patted Snoopy’s head with her wrinkled hands while her eyes still concentrating on nothing that is visible.

Twenty-two years back.

She set the breakfast table. She packed the children’s lunch box and ironed her husbands clothes. She then arranged the scattered news papers, followed by dusting, sweeping, washing clothes and the routine house keeping activities.

Her life was filled with liveliness. She would not have a minute to rest in a day. The daily hoopla was a part of her life.

It was the time when she needed no human to be by her side.  She had it strong within her heart, that she can live on her own at no matter what age. She is confidently being the center figure for the family,  being strong, faithful, loving and proud.

Now, her two children have completed their education and settled in the United Kingdom, having a well-paid and a reputed job. Practically, do you think she has something to worry about? No financial crisis, no family issues, neighbors all close and helpful, a luxurious set up in the house.

She would have had a huge family couple of years back and now all are living in isolation. There was a time in the past when there were elders, spouse and children adding colors to her family. Now, the five has turned one.

Though every day was no different than the new day once upon a time, life does not play a monotonous game forever. Everything comes to a halt. There is no defined infinity.

Its like you have hit the rock bottom hard when your very own are not living with you, beside you. Its not the money you want or the distant neighbors or the luxuries. Its the ones you share your blood relation with. The memories of the golden times spent years ago does pierce through the heart.

This is exactly what is happening with many of us, our parents. Yes, life changes and everything else takes a priority than the family. But ultimately where are we heading to?  Is the family oriented culture coming to an end? Do you think our next generation will have the same relation with their grand parents as we had with ours?

Or are we all going to be ultimately left in solitude with just the feelings “I wish they were here”.


Quick! Quick!

Quick, Quick, Quick

I want it quick

C’mon little child, write it quick

Don’t let your hand shake, be quick

Yes, young man you wanna be a basketball player

Be quick, put the ball in the basket

Dear lady, the design looks so pretty on the book

I want to see, touch & feel the whole quilt. Can’t you be quick?

Oh Marci, learning Brazilian Portuguese?

But you’ve learn t only few verbs,

Be fluent quick , let us converse in Portuguese

Hey Thomas, Piano classes ha?

Why still aren’t you able to name the tune?

One must be quick

Quick & Quick

Poor Rachel, Brownie bit her right hand

Why is the wound still not healing?

We want a quick heal

Assembling the jigsaw, do the puzzle quick

Show me the end of the project, quick

Time for chess? C’mon quick deliver the checkmate

Fast, Speedy, Quick

Let there be a quick change

Let each day be new

Let there be a quick solution found for every problem

Let yesterday’s sorrows be quickly forgotten

Be quick & get-away

Be quick to move on

Make quick decisions, do not drag

Finish one quick, start the next

Relax your face and Expand your gaze

Pick up the whole block of words

Let your eyes skip faster & faster across pages

And quick, the novel is read

Let the thoughts flow through & through

Be quick to process each

Millions of possibilities, be quick to turn them into reality

And what one must do to act quick?

For oneself , think about it quick! 😉

*This was a real quick compose*