Dreams Hope Destiny

Quick! Quick!


Quick, Quick, Quick

I want it quick

C’mon little child, write it quick

Don’t let your hand shake, be quick

Yes, young man you wanna be a basketball player

Be quick, put the ball in the basket

Dear lady, the design looks so pretty on the book

I want to see, touch & feel the whole quilt. Can’t you be quick?

Oh Marci, learning Brazilian Portuguese?

But you’ve learn t only few verbs,

Be fluent quick , let us converse in Portuguese

Hey Thomas, Piano classes ha?

Why still aren’t you able to name the tune?

One must be quick

Quick & Quick

Poor Rachel, Brownie bit her right hand

Why is the wound still not healing?

We want a quick heal

Assembling the jigsaw, do the puzzle quick

Show me the end of the project, quick

Time for chess? C’mon quick deliver the checkmate

Fast, Speedy, Quick

Let there be a quick change

Let each day be new

Let there be a quick solution found for every problem

Let yesterday’s sorrows be quickly forgotten

Be quick & get-away

Be quick to move on

Make quick decisions, do not drag

Finish one quick, start the next

Relax your face and Expand your gaze

Pick up the whole block of words

Let your eyes skip faster & faster across pages

And quick, the novel is read

Let the thoughts flow through & through

Be quick to process each

Millions of possibilities, be quick to turn them into reality

And what one must do to act quick?

For oneself , think about it quick! 😉

*This was a real quick compose*

8 thoughts on “Quick! Quick!

  1. Quickly I went to the end of your poem
    Out of breath
    Heart beating fast
    Quickly, too quickly
    Until I decided
    To read your words
    All over again
    So slowly this time
    And enjoying
    The millions of possible realities

    • Aha!! That’s sweet 🙂 Thank you Isa. I usually like to rush to the end of the reading, about anything, and then start once again the second time slowly. Quite a curious cat.

  2. We want so many things so quickly, we’re a fast society, we read fast, eat fast, run from busyness to busyness faster than fast. Quick can be good and lively and fun. But when we slowwwww down and taste every bite then we can digest better and our tummies don’t hurt. (Loved your poem. I read it very quickly. Now like Isa, I am going back to read slower and dream.)

  3. What I gained from reading your lovely poem, is a realization that I need to slow down. Quick.

    • Slow down, not so much that you remain where you are for long. We must usually sway between being too slow and the fast pace. Neither of it is good. Be quick most of the times, slow down once in a while, Don’t you agree dear Rosie? 🙂

  4. We rarely have time to set down and contemplate, to actually enjoy life as we go along with it. Everything happens in a haste for most of us. Sometimes quick is good, but not always. No?

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