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Hallo Halloween!


She asks me, “Do you celebrate Halloween over in India? Any such celebrations?”

I kept staring in amazement. Lady, do you want to know? Do you really, really want to know?

Well dear readers, I’m not sure about the rest of our country. But yes, we do have a “Halloween” celebrated in Goa, very grand and funny!

November is usually a very busy month for the folks dwelling in the village of  Navelim.  all getting prepared for the grand feast of Our Lady of Rosary. The houses and the village streets are lit up with colorful lights, the whole huge area around the Navelim Church is occupied for the fair – A huge fair!

Prior to the feast comes the Halloween’s day, about the time when the excitement for the whole months celebrations are at its peak.

It was a lovely November day moderately cold, sweet, pleasing to the senses. As always, the people began getting ready for the months celebrations with cleaning the houses, gardens, decorating the village streets, making the best arrangements to welcome the November guests.

The joy of feast & celebrations often takes over the bleakness of the “All souls day”.  The young and the old remain so busy listing down their wishes and getting the best out of that which is available.

The carpets, table cloths, pillow covers were washed and put out for drying. The gardens were cleaned, groomed and pots well arranged. Not to forget, at the same time the Hindu families get prepared for Tulsi Vivah for which they decorate the courtyard where  Tulsi is planted. The Christian families decorate the front yards where they have the holy cross.  The ribbons and chain lights were already pulled across the roads and over the chapel.

The same day was Halloween. The darkness had fallen. The village was silent. The old were tired. Nothing except the sound of breeze and the crackles of leaves could be heard. The village was blessed by the angel spirits of sleep.

Halloween Night!

Wait….Oh wait!

Before the early dawn, the villagers were up & only welcomed by a sudden shock. They all looked amused & perplexed. They called out one another, yelled, screamed. They ran helter skelter on the road from their houses to the church and back.  Nobody had any answer. Was the village attacked by the ghosts?

What’s happening you ask? A gang of mischievous village youths  played a Halloween trick. They picked up & mixed up the clothes meant for drying and put them all over the electric poles, the banyan trees, the roof tops. They picked up the vases & pots from the gardens and circled and lined them up on the road junction. They painted skeletons on the compound walls of the neighborhood houses. The motor bikes had the tires punctured. The ribbons meant for decorations were tied up to the street dogs tails.

They made the skeletons & old man statures & dressed them with some of the clothes belonging to the people who left them out on the strings. Whatever their hands could catch from the peoples houses were laid on the road, hung on the trees, on the electric poles and the roof tops.

The village was left in utter chaos. Then began the discussions, arguments, some acting like detectives gathering clues about who would be it.  This is a true story from the village of Navelim.The incident happened once that year, but caught the memory of the villagers so strong that every year during this time, the villagers take extra care of their belongings & stay cautious!

The mischief was truly amusing & therefore, reminds us that ghosts can be funny too!

Attack on the houses

                                                           HAPPY HALLOWEENS Ya Alllll!!!!

9 thoughts on “Hallo Halloween!

  1. HA! You DID answer my question!! Yes, lady, I REALLY wanted to know. (Unless more than one person asked you this question?) Thank you for sharing this. I had no idea! You–and ghosts–can be really funny. That last photo is so hilarious!

  2. Of course its YOU!!!!
    We don’t have pumpkin decors and masks, but we have chaos as I described created by the mischievous guys around.
    Our village is a very funny place to live, we have loads of funny memories, funny people! No worry exist there, only humor and always hilarious!

  3. Laughing here, trying to imagine how I’d feel to find my laundry and plants strewn around town! But then, what would Halloween be without a bunch mischievous kids playing tricks in the neighborhood? Loved your description of one tricky holiday, Sonali!

  4. Fun to read about how Halloween is celebrated in other parts of the world. Traditionally in my country, Norway, we don’t celebrate this holiday, but the interests of commerce has lately changed that and made it into a commercial happening more than anything.

  5. So, that’s where you were, sonali ? Celebrating your Halloween and playing tricks 😉 Very funny to read, all this laundry moving from here to there – my little dog would have loved to help you “displacing” pieces of laundry 😉 You mentioned tulsi being planted. Sometimes during the afternoon I drink a cup of tulsi tea, it tastes just delicious and I believe it is good for your health too. Is it the same plant you are talking about ?

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