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Opening up to spirits


I woke up to a beautiful Sunday morning, realizing the numerous possibilities and inviting the innate energy to take the control.

My housemaid walked in, and I wanted her to do much more than her daily work.  A clean house is a godly house.

Well, everyone needs motivation to work more. I thought, let me volunteer. I made her realize the things that needs attention so that she feels that it really needs to be worked upon & gave her a helping hand. My housemaid, in particular, is a cleanliness freak. So that was it. I lifted the mattresses, while she cleaned the underneath. I took out the curtains out, while she put them into the laundry bag. She finished washing all the utensils, while I prepared tea for the two of us. Thanks to the kind lady, she spared some extra time in my house & also agreed to give me a company for my morning tea.

If there is one thing that hardly interests me, its the movies.  When the whole hangout gang of 25 people plan to go out for a movie, I have to be the only one backing out. Always.  Until I came across the movies for my typeI have been watching movies since then, one after the other, recommended by someone – our choices seem to amalgamate.

I can list some of them for you here:

There are a few more, all of them serve food for thought.

The two days of my weekend were brilliant. Not a minute of frantic. No fretting over anything. For the first time I played more than 20 pieces on the Piano in a day. Sounds Mellifluous?

The first month of the year brought along a ray of light that has brightened up a new path. A very clear vision, for the rest of the year & perhaps a life? Who knows..

A dearest friend wrote to me “When we don’t share just because we think our words are not worthy, or that they’re not exciting enough, or that they’re too ordinary…I think we’re doing a huge disservice to ourselves and the world.  Our ordinary words are sometimes the most precious of all!  And perhaps we’re called to share just because one other person on the planet needs to hear our ordinary words which may feel extraordinary to them.”  

Thank you Kathy Drue, you did incite the strong urge within myself, which otherwise would always remain hidden. That desire to share my thoughts about the days, events, people, things, hobbies and so much more! It feels wonderful! I don’t feel alone anymore. As we discussed, what we think is not worth sharing is sometimes what somebody is waiting to hear.

Let nothing hold you back from exploring your wildest fantasies, aspirations and dreams.

Thank you!

4 thoughts on “Opening up to spirits

  1. Hi Soanli, our Kathy is a very wise woman! I just want to say how much I enjoy your blog….and your comments on other blogs that we both follow and love. Always wise and heart warming, a breathe of fresh air!

    Wishing you a lovely week

    • Dear Colleen, I’m so glad to know that you enjoy & appreciate my thoughts. Kathy has always been sending the motivational positive energy, from oceans across. I’m happy to have you here. Thank you. The Tuesday morning seems even more bright! 🙂

  2. Jeeez, I’m late to the party!! Oh, Sonali, I am so glad you took the words to heart and shared a bit more here. (You have a lot of wise words, too, my friend.) First thing I did was write down all your movie suggestions. Will look them up. Before that I lamented that we had no maid. 😉 Hope you are having a lovely day!

    • Thank you so so much! From afar, you’ve been there! The stars seem to be shining even more brighter. I hope you are able to find the movies. Well, you too have a beautiful day filled with happiness! 🙂

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