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Colors of my World


According to Karma’s photo hunt contest , We must choose a color that we are drawn to and post at-least three photographs.

This is a perfect challenge! I’ve been thinking which would be that one color and finally just one day before the deadline I have the below photographs:

The Marigolds

The Marigolds – I like Yellow nowadays..


Love… Yes Red, Red it is.

Rangoli - Siemens, Mumbai

Rangoli – Siemens, Mumbai .. I always like purple. I do..


Variety – Pink! Pink!

One color? Which one? I’m sorry Karen, it was hard to choose. Every color is special.

14 thoughts on “Colors of my World

  1. As someone who thinks & feels like you–I applaud your colorful photos!

  2. The shades of colours you have chosen are all so beautiful Sonali. 🙂

  3. I think you are not the only one who had trouble choosing a color, Sonali! You’ve displayed some beautiful choices of color in your photos. 🙂

  4. I favor the softer colors in the last picture, but I’m slowly learning to appreciate the bolder and brighter shades of yellows and oranges. Nice pictures!

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  6. A lovely study of colours. My favourite is the first one of the marigolds. It’s beautiful.

  7. Hello Sonali ! I missed this post and the lovely choice of colours you chose for Karen’s challenge. There are some great colours there, some I really love like purple, yellow, dark blue and light green, in fact I like them all 😉 Nice pics.

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