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Light up!


Sometimes universe offers so much to us which simmers us down so deep that we are left with only silence. I would say such moments are a wonderful times that soothes away any pains and helps us discover our innermost self. We get driven inwards deeper & deeper to find the answers to our questions not from the universe but from the core of our soul.

The universe does send the messengers delivering hints to us about wanting to be reactive towards its events. Thus, it compels us to open up and swirl outward farther & farther, as much away from the innermost core. We remain strenuously engaged in finding the right balance between the extremes.

In the recent months, there has been a realization of many of the aspects and their influence on my being. This has been majorly due to the spiritual endeavor for being oriented inwards and surviving the process of receptiveness through learning.

Well, there is a lot I could talk to you about. Perhaps, in the coming days there shall be more.


Before I leave for the day, it was the International Friendships Day last week. Did you notice how the facebook wall was filled with greetings, flowers, friendships quotes and what not from the folks across the globe so-far-yet-so-near!

Its always satisfying to know that we have our people even across several oceans whom we count on, its such a comfort!

Today, as I look up & count my blessings I realize that several of them are the people who have touched my life. The ones who have been close, so close that even from a distance they have helped me get up, pushed me forward, inspired me to believe that life is meant to be lived graciously. Those people, many of them much elder to me by age, I call them Friends. Of course, many of the special ones are you, my dear readers. Cheers! πŸ™‚

8 thoughts on “Light up!

  1. How true. We are separated geographically but united by the web.
    Friends have a strong role to play in everyone’s life.
    I personally feel that more than half of my personality has been influenced by my friends. Egoless conversations are a boost to one’s confidence. I am grateful to god for the wonderful friends I got so far in life.

  2. It’s a wonderful thing to have friends who help us grow and learn, and help us be more aware of the ebb and flow of the universe…

  3. Sonali, you are a special light. Thank you for shining!

  4. Your thoughts are deep and touching, Sonali. Friends, close and afar, are those that help us grow, as you say. We are the sum of all the people, friends who in a way or another touched our life… And I find this wonderful. Thank you Sonali.

    • Isa, I’m glad to see you here, after such a long time! “we are the sum of all the people..” that’s so true! Thanks for visiting, I’m glad you liked it πŸ™‚

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