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I received a gift of happiness! A gift from oceans across, far away dreamy land, from an Angel who lives deep into the snowy mysterious woods.



You are just too precious Kathy!

Lake Superior Magazine

Lake Superior Magazine

From the cold, freezing cold Lake Superior, to the Queen of January from India; a January Edition.

Joyful moment to be cherished forever

Joyful moment to be cherished forever

As I opened the magazine, I found the autumn leaves inside – those I always dreamt of, the ones I always wanted to feel, the ones I wanted to collect and keep inside my books, the ones I wished to draw on, the ones whose color I love. Look at the snowy picture on the pages behind! Is the lake frozen now?

Autumn Leaves

Autumn Leaves

They come from Lake Superior. They are the special ones. The original. The pure.

Some more..

Some more..

I am deeply touched. Misty eyed. Is this true? I’m so thankful to you Kathy Drue.

Look at that! The shade!!

Look at that! The shade!!

The most beautiful one.



Gift of Love

Gift of Love

And then…oh my!!!!

A card! Work of Kathy's hands.

A card! Work of Kathy’s hands.

Tell me, isn’t this the most precious? This is so adorable..so sweet!

These are worth the thousand words...

These are worth the thousand words…

I feel blessed. I’m so thankful. Life seems much more beautiful..

I just can't leave them down

I just can’t leave them down

You made my day so much more beautiful, dear Kathy! You added several colors to my morning & this will be remembered forever..These are a treasure. May you be blessed abundantly with beautiful colors of joy in your life too.

P.S. I showed them to my colleague at work amid-st the bustle of daily chaos, and she was excited to see them too. She specially liked the hand made card. She says I must visit Lake Superior some day..

19 thoughts on “Surprise.Love.Happiness

  1. What a lovely gift Sonali! The leaves and photos are beautiful, a touch of Kathy to hold in your hand and in your heart.

  2. Oh, Sonali, this is a lovely blog–I am so glad that you liked & appreciated this bit of the North Woods sent to you in India. Way last autumn when the last of the leaves were falling I remembered your desire to hold fall leaves in your hands and pressed them in a very thick dictionary until they dried. Your precious response makes it all worthwhile! Love, Kathy

    • Thank you! You are a sheer joy yourself..You carry happiness in you. You exhibit love. How nice of you, Kathy! You can make ones dreams come true! You are magical..Thank you for being there.. Love you Kathy!!

      • I think I should show you some of my more challenged sides, Sonali! But so glad you liked the little giftie that flew across the sea to you.

  3. That Kathy is a sweet one! What a delightful surprise. Thanks for sharing it with us.

  4. I agree with your co-worker Sonali, you must visit Lake Superior someday! Kathy is such a sweetheart and a wonderful ambassador for her neck of the woods!

  5. I took at look at your blog and I it looks great. I “follow” Kathy’s blog. She is indeed a very kind person. I can tell through her writings. How lovely to get those leaves and now you “can’t leave them alone.” Clever of you!

    Regards, yvonne

    • Hi Yvonne, I’m happy to have you here and thank you very much. So we have something in common – enjoy reading from Kathy! The leaves are truly beautiful with lovely shades of color..

  6. This is all just very sweet! Love it..makes me smile inside..

  7. I come by way of Kathy Drue – Oh, what a lovely blog post! πŸ™‚

    • Laurie, I welcome you here! I did visit your blog and its truly very inspirational.. just give me sometime & i’ll be there! I’m glad to see you here… πŸ™‚

  8. Hi Sonali. This is a perfect example of how wonderful a person Kathy is. I live in Nova Scotia, Canada, and have been following Kathy’s blog for quite a while, and I am not surprised that Kathy sent you these leaves. It is so neat to see how pleased you are with them. Kathy is very special, and you must be too for her to think of you in this way.

  9. What a beautiful gift from Kathy! I hope that one day you will see leaves like these falling from the trees at Lake Superior. πŸ™‚

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