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An old flame who filled a long time in my life had its own time to turn so faint so far away. Amazing wonderful years those were when we used to be close. Those years when we would meet whenever we felt like, cooked together, eat, shop, talk endlessly, travel back home together and be there every now and then for each other.

I truly admire those who fly high in their career and are blessed with good opportunities as much as they deserve.
And so was I happy for my friend too. I was as excited as her about her relocating to a new country far across the oceans, to that place I dream of. And the days passed by as she prepared herself, planned everything and so on.

Like I read somewhere, we live as if we would never die. I’d like to say that we live as if we would be close together forever! Just this way I never thought that day would finally arrive!

The excitement about her new life suddenly turned into an emotional shock! More severe because until then I was truly happy for her success and her next assignments and her new life in a new world, who would think about how much I’d miss her.

Well, Its been about three months. I don’t remember thanking her for all that she did for me and all the good time I had with her. Thanking her would simply mean a burst of tears and I did not dare to do so, nor did I talk about it with anybody else.

Friends make our life so beautiful and fortunately I’m blessed with those true friends who mean so much to me.

Avelet Fernandes here I am, sending across a big THANK YOU. May you have a wonderful journey of life and may you shine in your career as you’ve been shining today and even more!

Here’s to our Friendship!

Coconut ice-cream with water chestnuts

Coconut ice-cream with water chestnuts

I miss you!