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Time heals


Hello dear all, near and far! I hope you all are making the most of the chilly winter this year.

Those of you witnessing snow..and lots of snow.. you are lucky, you must believe that you are abundantly blessed! While those of you who are just screaming out.. cold.. when the temperatures are as high as 20 degrees, like in Bangalore, well.. you can’t be more silly.

Alright.. of late, I’ve been sick and now in the process of recovery from this so-called Hepatitis A and Jaundice. Guys, don’t ask me what I ate, because I usually freak out on the food without much concern about the hygiene.. and I live in India.

Okay.  Lesson learnt.

So it was this Hepatitis A and those symptoms. yuck! A week in the hospital followed by lavish treatment from Mum. Oh, if and when I recover, the credit goes to her. (and of course the neighbors whom she troubled often to buy and bring the necessary things which she herself  sometimes could not due to her knee problems).

I believe that whatever happens always makes you stronger than before. I learnt some interesting things which I’d like to really tell you.

  •  You can cook almost everything for your daily meals without oil.
  • More than the medicines, its the natural foods that helps heal & recover faster.
  • When you are not well, its not only you who suffer, but there are many who truly wish that you regain the energy and get back to life.
  • Friends make a valuable difference that speed up the recovery.
  • Thoughts about your past happiness and success stories. They cure the present illness.
  • Be thankful. Always.

Of course, there hasn’t been anything else more exciting.. A wonderful well-planned trip to himalayan got cancelled, darn! I would have otherwise witnessed snow!!

I am now back to work though and back to reading from all of you. [There was no internet back home]. I missed Kathy Drue and the stories from the woods. I thought about Barbara Rodger’s grand daughter and I was wondering if she has put any pictures of the cutie pie. I was thinking about Karma (Karen) and hoped that I haven’t missed any of the photography challenges. I also thought about Isabel and the winter in Europe. Most importantly I hoped not to miss out on the winter blogs from most of you!


From a visit to Agonda Beach, Goa just before I left from home.  looking ill?

From a visit to Agonda Beach, Goa a day before I left from home. looking ill?













6 thoughts on “Time heals

  1. I’m assuming you are feeling much better these days, since this post is several weeks old now. Hope all is well! No photo challenges – just haven’t had the time to think about one. Perhaps in the new year!

  2. So Ms. Sonali are you well now? Did you get all better in time for the holiday season? I sure hope so. I also notice that there’s snow falling on your blog. Hope you’re not chilled! ha ha. Thinking of you and stopping by to wish you the best of the season. Love, from our Little House in the Big Woods

    • Kathy!! I did get much better – perhaps the Snow all around here on our blogs gets me better! ha ha.. Thank you so much for your love from your sweet little home..Here i send to you some warmth of our sun shine.. stay warm darling! 🙂
      Seasons greetings to you…..

  3. Oh, dear sweet somali, I was not aware that you had been so ill. I am very sorry I did not get in touch earlier with you. I just read your latest post and know now that you are feeling Better ! What a good piece of news ! Do take care of yourself in the New Year, dear somali. I am sending you my sincere wishes for a complete and prompt recovery.

    Not much posting on my blog these past months. My Dad fell, badly. He is still in hospital, I am spending as much time as I can with him and so not so much time left for writing. I will try to do better next year. Season’s greetings to you and hugs.

    • Dear Isa,
      Happy New Year!! I am much much better now, back to work, back to play! 🙂
      Thank you so much for your wishes. I’m so sorry for your dad, but I’m sure time heals and he will recover much faster, with you being around. *hugs* 🙂

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