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The title comes from Karma’s When I Feel Like It blog where she posts a photo challenge for a month.

1st August 2015.  The word flashed –  “happy”.  That’s exactly who I met. Happiness

When you love what you do

When you love what you do

She illustrates happiness. Her constant smile, cheerful face and passionate expressions. A film maker by profession, she makes documentaries on various life & reality topics that inspire with her thought “reality is always stronger than what you are”.

Miriam jakobs

Miriam, Camera and Action

That’s Miriam Jakobs – a film director from Köln, Germany who loves travelling, shooting, teaching and more.  Her famous works include Das Dunkle Gen, Heaven & Hell, The temple of emotions amongst many others.  She, together with Gerhard Schick, is currently working on a film on urbanization and they chose Bangalore city to map to the urban spaces. Her film shall release next year and I am very eager to watch it, hopefully in their presence again.

While she was in Bangalore, we met several times, exchanged talks, experiences and hugs. We connected with each other in just no time.

1st of August 2015 they flew back to Germany after having touched many lives in Bangalore, shedding light on the long lost and dead Kote fort which is now only 5% alive, driving events, workshops, presentations and so much!

I did not think much about the photo challenge, but the signs! oh the signs! On the day marked for happy, I opened the Diary of Anne Frank and here’s what she wrote on Wednesday, 23rd February 1944:

“This morning, when I was sitting in front of the window and taking a long, deep look outside at God and nature, I was happy, just plain happy. Peter, as long as people feel that kind of happiness within themselves, the joy of nature, health and much more besides, they’ll always be able to recapture that happiness.

Riches, prestige, everything can be lost. But the happiness in your own heart can only be dimmed; it will always be there, as long as you live, to make you happy again. Whenever you are feeling lonely or sad, try going to the loft on a beautiful day and looking outside. Not at the houses and the rooftops, but at the sky. As long as you can look fearlessly at the sky, you’ll know that you’re pure within and  will find happiness once more.”

So on a happy note, see you next!






10 thoughts on “Happy!

  1. Hey thanks for getting the photo hunt started on a happy note! Love the Anne Frank quote too!

  2. It’s so true, looking at the sky makes me happy, too! Tim & I were admiring the cloud formations just yesterday.

    Your friend looks very happy – it is such a blessing to love one’s work. I couldn’t find any of her movies on Netflix, but maybe they will show up some day.

  3. I’ve read a quote somewhere which says if you choose an occupation that you love, you will never work a day in your life, and by the happy face of your friend, I think that she has discovered her happiness.

    The Anne Frank quote is so true, even amid the darkest times, you can always look to nature and the heavens above to find your happiness within. ❤

    • Joanne, I also feel that she has discovered her happiness, she is so passionate about her work – she works day & night without any sign of tiredness. On the contrary, I have days when I’m tired in the morning itself! *sigh*
      Reading Anne Franks words have moved my life. Thank you for sharing your thoughts Joanne 🙂

  4. What a lovely post, sonali ! I truly believe one can find happiness everywhere, in the smallest things around you if you see with the heart – as St-Exupéry wrote. Your friend radiates happiness, in her smile and her eyes. In the way she loves what she does. Thank you for sharing those inspiring thoughts and pictures.

    • A pleasant surprise to see you dearest Isa. I’m glad you could see the happiness through her eyes & smile, as I could. Happy to know of your recovery! Wish you plentiful days of good health..

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