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August Depictions


In continuation to the previous post , The iHeartFaces photo challenge outcome – part 2 is here:



Sidewalk – My everyday path, where I stand totally absent minded with the ear plugs on.

Messy Monsoon

Messy Monsoon – From our village this August

The two wearing Saree with the same design - sisters?

Togetherness, The two wearing Saree with the same design – sisters?

Feet - Pedicure

Feet – Pedicure

Sign - Treble Clef

Sign – Treble Clef, A sign that provokes…


Outside – An interesting portrait capture event one afternoon.

Up High

Up High

Circles - remember?

Circles – remember? I still do it..

7 thoughts on “August Depictions

  1. Hi there! So happy to see you are continuing the photo challenge! Fun choices! If you get a chance, leave me a link in the comments of this post https://karmardav.wordpress.com/2015/07/30/want-to-play/ so that I remember to include you when I write the wrap up post. 🙂

  2. You know how you’re so often enjoying other places around the world vicariously through blogs and travel? Well I think the place you live is amazing! It is filled with such color, so many interesting people, so much variety and amazement. Grin. Thanks for posting. I hardly stop by any blogs any more, but try to visit whenever the Universe nudges.

    • Dear Kathy, You are right. Our place is full of colors, variety and lots of happening events everyday. Its always nice to see you back here, but whatever your heart wishes.
      Thank you very much.

      By the way, I picked some pictures from your “Apple Snow” post. 😉

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  4. Not sure if those are ducks, or geese or some other kind of bird, in the first picture, but I was impressed by how closely they are huddled walking together. Do they follow the same path every day as well?

    I bet all your colorful plants love the monsoon rains, even it it gets too muddy for the humans. 🙂

    • No Barbara, They don’t come every day, some days we have cows, buffaloes, hens, dogs of course.. LOL.
      You imagined well that the plants do rejoice during the monsoons and we humans do too, But as the months pass it gets too annoying. You know, the inconveniences during continuous rains.. *sigh*.

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