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A self welcome


Yes, this happens. Life takes you by your hand somewhere unknown to you first. Through that door you never thought even existed. The same then feels so much like home. Where is home? Isn’t it where we are? Home is within our heart where we feel the serenity, love, discovery and pure joy. This feeling meets you at a place where you are suppose to be. To be.  And then, that’s not the same you any more.  Because you feel the closing of one chapter of life and the beginning of a new one. A movement.


A found door. Its inviting. Trust & take the first step.

Welcome. This feels so Amazing.

P.S. I captured this photograph somewhere in the remote village in Bavaria.


3 thoughts on “A self welcome

  1. The home within our heart…hidden, but in plain sight when we truly see. Lovely, Sonali!

  2. It sounds like you felt at home in Bavaria, at least for a little while. It surely is pure joy when we feel at home, especially when we find a door to one we never knew was there…

    (Sorry I missed this post – it seems I got unsubscribed somehow.)

  3. Hello Sonaly, I like your thoughts about “home”. I would say home is where and when you feel well inside you. When you find a refuge or an opening to others in total trust. Home is everywhere yourself. I like the picture and I would have liked to climb the stairs and see what is on the other side. Many greetings and good wishes to you.

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