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Summer story through pictures

Hey there,

Hope you all are doing good. I suppose some of you are enjoying the may days while the others are struggling to beat the heat. Its the second category well, let me tell you, summer has been really harsh on us this time. ruthless.

My forever friend, troubling me like never before.

My forever friend, troubling me like never before.

Hot! Sunny!

Hot! Sunny!

Crazy we were, but it saved us in the night,

Crazy we were, but it saved us in the night,

So lively. Why aren't they grumbling like me? silly.

So lively. Why aren’t they grumbling like me? silly.

Hope. Possibility. Savior.

Hope. Possibility. Savior.



Rowing slow

Rowing slow

A raft

A raft

Rapids. Prodigy.

Rapids. Prodigy.

Birdie too.

Birdie too.

Seasonal. Jackfruits.

Seasonal. Jackfruits.

What more? What are your stories about the summer this year? Did you attempt any unique activities? It would be interesting to know.


Special or Yet-Another?

“What does Winter mean to you?”

The very thought of  “Winter” makes me pull my hair out! I still wonder how different is Winter than the rest of the seasons.

To me, Winter means nothing more than a time for dreaming, of a real winter, more of the faraway frozen wintry streets, snow covered hills, frozen cars, the ice-skates, the chilled winds, numbness. A time for sipping hot coffee in the moon light. Winter to me, is a season for unfolding my mind towards the imagination of that beauty of the time, that I don’t see around. Frosty toes,  runny nose, snowball fights, stormy nights, a walk in the winter wonderland. Of course, when you hear the songs like “Its the most wonderful time of the year” and “Snow is falling”, if you don’t belong to where its “white” , you imagine!

Well, thinking of the real winter, one needs to stretch the brain,  when in India, to differentiate the season and the change in the surroundings unless otherwise you live in and around the Himalayan region?

Let me not blabber too much, as this is suppose to be a Photography Challenge, Thanks to Isa and here’s my contribution to Scotts Photography challenge  – http://viewsinfinitum.com/2013/01/09/assignment-23-winter/

Here we go in search of the winter. Our Kailashing trekking group.

There it is..our White!

There it is..our White!

To survive a chilled night

To survive a chilled night

Trying to feel cozy in the cold night

Trying to feel cozy in the cold night

Below is a very special photograph, taken in Rann of Kutch – the white desert of India which consist of white salt, and not sand. During the monsoons the salt is underwater and completely wet. By the end of October, the water dries up and the stretches of crystalline salt can be seen, extended to a large area.

Rann of Kutch - the white desert

Rann of Kutch – the white desert

During the cold night, the beauty of the desert enhances amid st the moonlight.

Oh the symbol of Love, Taj Mahal - on a cold foggy day

Oh the symbol of Love, Taj Mahal – on a cold & foggy day

Frozen? Climb the hill & feel the sun, a healer forever!

Frozen? Climb the hill & feel the sun, a healer forever!

And here the real white snow of Himalayas. There I was.  My true winter.

And here the real white snow of Himalayas. There I was. My true winter.

Dear Visitors, I have exhausted my photo albums in search of “Winter”. Of that season, which exist more in my dreams. Of the snow covered houses, like the ones Isa has put up. As she says, India is a country with varied differences, how can there be no variations which gave me an opportunity to explore the spectrum wider.

Hope you enjoyed my version!


All fun no work

Whatever I’m going to tell you now, please keep it to yourself. Do not talk about it. Ssshhhh….

Be quiet and enjoy the pictures below:

The two standing by the lake gossiping about the new winds.

Guys rafting in the lake, on a pleasant Friday morning.

I spotted the four guys from very far rafting in the lake on a quiet Friday morning. Have they bunked the office? They have no idea I captured them in my camera. It appeared as if they were looking out for something. What were they trying to do? I can just wonder.

Hey Guys, don’t you’ll have any work on this weekday?

What are you doing, they asked. I scurried away from the lake view before they could question me further.

Still Swings. All the children are at school.

This blogger had a lovely conversation with the grass below. The grass said, I love the working days when no one is around here. No one jumps over me, walks over me. Week days are the best times. A time for healing.  Look how fresh I look this morning. During the holidays everyone visits here &  they crush me.They never look at me, talk to me or even say a “hello”.

Grass meditating, grateful for this morning.

I love working days ~Grass

This blogger captured the pictures from a distance making sure not to trouble the grass and quietly moved on. Helpless.

There you are! Tiny Squirrel.

A place of worship. A beautiful temple.

I walked & I walked through & through the lanes. Shakira sang into my ears,

“This is your moment
No hesitations

Today’s your day
I feel it
You paved the way
Believe it

If you get down
Get up Oh oh…
When you get down
Get up eh eh…”

Thoughtlessly I walked further down the beautiful lanes.

No one there. Everybody is at work.

“Go Green” – start from your house.

I have captured some of the really beautiful mansions, without the owners permission. I’m sorry but dear owners, if you happen to see the picture of your house on my blog then its only because I found your house really beautiful. I’m sure you are so kind that you won’t punish me for this. 🙂

A Barbie House

I feel the world’s best Barbie lives in the mansion above. A pretty pink bungalow. Doesn’t it look like one of those mansions from the fairy tales? Would you not click a snap if you’d see it? A strawberry house, with the strawberry cake slab steps and the strawberry cone pillars. Inside lives a lovely princess.

A Beautiful corner house

Pots arranged so well.

Love the shape. Is there any spare room available for one?

Another cake house. Delicious!

Hibiscus. Toppings on the cake.

What’s the secret I spoke about you ask?

Well, while everybody else here was working & working hard & yearning for a break, I went for a photo walk, a lovely lonely walk. All the way listening to Shakira and Shania and Celine Dion and Bryan Adams and ….  The streets were empty, everywhere was peaceful.

My new camera did pretty well.

Of course, I had a lovely day! It was a treat to myself.


Walk and Snap

What more exciting than a photo walk with a group of most wonderful people you have ever known.. ah, never known before rather. It happened so, that my eyes caught a brief message on FB wall – “A photo walk event happening this Sunday anybody interested can join in”. That was it.

The eight of us met up for a photo walk on a hot & sunny Sunday, May the 27th.  Amongst us was a well-famous professional pianist and a senior rating analyst, three software professionals, a post-grad student and a 5 yr old junior photographer.

A glimpse of those 4 hours:

Dried & Barren

A Temple on the hill

Berenice (Berry), the Pianist waving out from the gate entrance. Is’nt she looking cute?

Berry at the gates

Beauty starts at the roots!

And extends till the sky….

O Wow!!!!

There we spotted a monkey who has lost one hand. Do you think the fellow monkey is trying to help him?


A monkey with no one hand.

Serene. Don’t ya think so?

A photo frame. Does anybody want one?

Lotus pond – no flowers as yet.

Pretty I found

Below are the most beautiful of all. Berry told me they are called Cassia..She loves them too!!

The Ice-Cream Tree

The vanilla and strawberry flowers!!

Bunches of Cassia

Look what I spotted,

A lonely Mushroom

Shea & Berry

Only Shea can

Elephant’s Eye? – Courtesy Berenice

Don’tcha think it was a fabulous 4 hours walk and photography?

“I treat the photograph as a work of great complexity in which you can find drama. Add to that a careful composition of landscapes, live photography, the right music and interviews with people, and it becomes a style.” – Ken Burns


Welcome Monsoons!

Its almost the Monsoons!  The pre-monsoon winds are here. The most long-awaited time of the year. The freshness is all in the air. The showers have blessed our wonderland. All we needed is to feel the thunders and watch the sparkles of the lightning in the sky.  The clouds have gathered. They are over-joyed and they want to break their excitement over our motherland, by clashing into one another and pouring the showers of blessings.

Its just a perfect weather to have your evening coffee and hot snacks while sitting by the window watching the rains. It brings out a wave of  nostalgia, while it takes you back into the memory lane. The times when monsoons arrived during the school re-opening. When you are all excited to go into the next class, packing your bag with fresh new books taking the smell of those new pages over & over millions of times.  The new rain coat, the new uniform, the new school bag, the new tiffin box and the water bottle. Tell me, do you cherish those wonder days?

While the roads would be logged with the rain water, I used to be one of those kids who would jump into the mud puddles. There was no question of carrying the umbrella, because even if you had one the powerful wind & the heavy rains would not let you hold it intact.  Our school ground used to be filled with the rain waters up to our knee level and we used to carry another pair of uniforms to school. I loved those mud puddles and I remember the stones they used to keep so that we could skip from one stone to another to reach our school gates. What fun!

The monsoon showers bring along  those memories of the first love, the first of its kind. The love that blossomed just like the buds blossomed into the beautiful flowers.  As the rain drops hit upon the roof top, you remember the first heart beat you felt when the two hearts clicked. Watching the rainbow you cherish the colors that your love has painted your life with. The warmth of the two hands holding each other while walking down the road sharing an umbrella.  Tell me, don’t you agree?

If there is something remarkable about the season, it is the feeling of freshness it brings to the young and the old.  The cuckoo and the hummingbird sing their melodies expressing their feelings about the monsoons.  The feeling that makes you thank the almighty for giving us a wonderful life.  Can you imagine standing under the tree with a group of friends for protecting from the rain and then a sudden urge to shake the branches, just to feel the tinkling droplets.

Its specially in my developing village back home that we usually have no electricity during the monsoons.  Our house with four glass doors in the living room when its pitch dark everywhere except for the oil lamps lit in the living room and then comes bolts of lightning which tremendously brightens up our house and then a “thhuddd”. Those thunders. Believe me, its damn scary. Then you hear your neighbors scream saying the trees have uprooted by the road side or the electric pole has collapsed. very common. Afters it takes two to three days to get the lines fixed.

Let us wait & watch what the monsoons have brought for us this year.

Overall, I love the rains. I love everything about it. The smell of the freshly wet mud, the oil lamps & candles, the heavy winds, the lush greenery, the newness, I could go on forever.

I am planning my vacations for the next month & I shall get you some pictures of the monsoons from back home. Until then, take care & have a blessed time 🙂


Ultralight flying and some more..

The ultralight flying aircraft that took us flying up at about 3000 feet above the sea level

Once again, I present here yet another amazing expedition carried out by our renowned and eminent group “Kailashing”.  This time it was an ultralight flying adventure at Coorg, Karnataka  and trekking through the Brahmagiri hills – Misty hills,  breathtaking scenic beauty,  lush forest and not to forget, lots of leeches!

The open fields we walked until we reached the flight runway

A brave girl is ready to fly

Flying High, Coorg Sky!!!

” He who has experienced flight will forever walk with his eyes turn sky ward. For there he has been and there he longs to return”

~Leonardo Da Vinci

Not until very late since we started climbing the Brahmagiri hills with loaded backpacks that the leeches attacked us in big bunches. Howling and jumping and losing our breathe we reached the so-called “Jungle Bungalow” – a real scary one. Spending a night in the place was awful – weird spiders and insects around, creeping leeches, cockroaches, lizards, lot of whining, complaints and what not! Come to think of the whole trip, this was the best part though, being a challenge.

The hills we climbed

Lush green hills


“Those who contemplate the beauty of the earth find reserves of strength that will endure as long as life lasts.”

~ Rachel Carson

Gushing waters in the deep jungle

A magic, moving, a living part of the earth itself

Aren’t the trip pictures spectacular? This was yet another memorable event that we organized for this year. For anybody interested in ultralight  flying adventures, you can find more information here: http://www.coorgskyadventures.com/

And now its a Christmas season, a season of cakes and candles, songs, celebrations and decorations, love and laughter.  I wish you all a joyous time 🙂


By the shores

‘Hey Sheryl, Check it out!’ screamed little Daphnie. ‘There is a star shaped object right here. Oh, how lovely! Looks like a star has fallen from the sky! Amazing!’ Her face appeared to be pinked with excitement. Daphnie’s eyes were gleaming as the waves reflected clearly by her eyes. It was a bright sunny day when Daphnie and Sheryl were taken out at the Candolim beach by Sheryl’s Mum. As the waves were gushing towards the shore, dragging away the sand, thereby listing the beautiful sea ornaments on the wet sand, Daphnie and Sheryl got themselves busy gathering the sea shells. The varieties of shells – the sea urchins, cowrie shells, scallop shells bearing different shapes amazed them as their thoughts wandered about how and how these shells originate. As the girls built up the sand castle, the waves would gush and smash their small cute castle and they would build it up again. They jumped into the sea with excitement thus getting drenched and twitched up their lips as the ocean salt water entered their mouth. As the waves approached them Daphnie splashed water on Sheryl and they both shouted out with glee. All they could hear was the sound of violently splashing waves and the strong breeze blowing at a speed hitting the shore side coconut trees.

Millions of Shells
shells & more

Sheryl’s Mum was overjoyed as she saw the two girls admiring the nature at the beach. She thought, ‘Nature is such a gift to humanity! such pleasure the colors of the nature bring, such simpleness, peace & love mother nature selflessly share. How destined are we. The waves brush away all the worlds sorrows, the birds bring cheer, the trees sway with the wind thus adding calmness, the flowers along side adding freshness thus spreading the joyous fragrance. How beautiful it looks when the old leaves fly away thus filling up the air. How pretty it looks when the sea shells gather at the shore when the wave breaks harshly and then the shells go deep down into the sand disappearing into the wild oceanic. You never know when you see the next bunch of shells – are they the same that went into the sand core? The crabs crawling through the wet sand at the shore and then hide into the pores. The oysters thus break open after being matured, some of them producing natural pearls by consuming parasites over days. How truly amazing!’

Around Kukkal Caves, South India

As the girls filled up their kerchiefs with sea shell collections, She thought, ‘Look around the place. Oh! why are the coke bottles swinging with the waves? why is the plastic floating into the deep blue sea? why is the dark smoke rising up polluting the fresh air? Oh! suddenly the fresh air seems to be filled with unbearable suffocating smoke. Why are the cigarette packets found everywhere in the sand where the children are suppose to be building their sand castles? The clean sand is seen to being getting black and the sea water isn’t as clear as it used to be. Why is the immaculate nature being tortured? Does Sheryl and Daphnie even know whats going to happen to the beauty they are right now deeply admiring? Whats the future?’

smoke all around. ruin!

Give your thoughts!! Just like little Daphnie and Sheryl, we used to play at the sea shore during our childhood days and collect the beautiful sea ornaments. But now, the beaches are such polluted that we don’t feel like visiting them any more. Sadly, the tar stones are found on the sand that once used to be clear and soft. The cola cans and the cigarette packs are always found floating by the shore.

What do you think?