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A Time for Sharing, A Time for Believing

The season of cakes,chocolates,wine,decorations and celebrations is already here.  Kalkals, dodol, bebincas are out of the oven in many of the Goan houses. Now that we have Facebook and people share every single tiny bit of their preparation right from the coconut and jaggery mixing together, I can’t wait until I get home.

For me, Christmas started a month back.  This time, the first Christmas tree that brightened my eyes and filled my heart was this:

First Christmas tree of the year.

First Christmas tree of the year.

Welcome, My Child

Welcome, My Child

The Red Decor

The Red Decor


Or Do you like the Blue?

Don’t you dare tell me you reuse all the decorations from the previous years. Don’t you dare tell me the allure of fascinating decor pieces from the shop don’t pull you closer. Yea?

I know you will come and pick the pretty ones yourself.

I know you will come and pick the pretty ones yourself.

Honey, Sweeteners, for the season.

Honey, Sweeteners, for the season.

She sets up the Vine. Look at the photo on the front door. Does she dedicate her service to her grandmother?

She sets up the Vine. Look at the photo in the front. Does she dedicate her service to her grandmother?

Makes you want one of these two?

Makes you want one of these two?

Market place. Not sure about the people, but the Sun is rejoicing for sure!

Market place. Not sure about the people, but the Sun is rejoicing for sure!

Pretty ones, all to add to my collection.

Pretty ones, all to add to my collection.

While the parents shop, and here I thought I was the only fan of these maple leaves.

While the parents shop, and here I thought I was the only fan of these maple leaves.

All so Chrismassy

All so Chrismassy

The Musician who entertained all throughout.

The Musician who entertained all throughout.

Is'nt it a fair set up, walk around with a cup of hot wine.

isn’t it a fair set up, walk around with a cup of hot wine.

There is one lady, I will remember forever. A lady I met in the train on my way to Wien, a Doctor by profession. A Slovakian who studied medicine in Russian. Kind-Hear ted, gentle, and pretty too.

There is a box kept next to her that contains the cakes and sweets she prepared. She offered some to me, and the beautifully layered cake, I can't explain, it was the best cake I ever had in my whole life!

There is a box kept next to her that has the cakes and sweets she prepared. She offered some to me, and the beautifully layered cake, I can’t explain, it was the best cake I ever had in my whole life!

I would forever remember the conversation that I had with her, the message she conveyed to me touched my spiritual soul. If only, I could meet her again! will I, ever? Thank you, dear lady!

Here’s wishing you all a Merry Christmas and a Very Happy New Year!



Hallo Halloween!

She asks me, “Do you celebrate Halloween over in India? Any such celebrations?”

I kept staring in amazement. Lady, do you want to know? Do you really, really want to know?

Well dear readers, I’m not sure about the rest of our country. But yes, we do have a “Halloween” celebrated in Goa, very grand and funny!

November is usually a very busy month for the folks dwelling in the village of  Navelim.  all getting prepared for the grand feast of Our Lady of Rosary. The houses and the village streets are lit up with colorful lights, the whole huge area around the Navelim Church is occupied for the fair – A huge fair!

Prior to the feast comes the Halloween’s day, about the time when the excitement for the whole months celebrations are at its peak.

It was a lovely November day moderately cold, sweet, pleasing to the senses. As always, the people began getting ready for the months celebrations with cleaning the houses, gardens, decorating the village streets, making the best arrangements to welcome the November guests.

The joy of feast & celebrations often takes over the bleakness of the “All souls day”.  The young and the old remain so busy listing down their wishes and getting the best out of that which is available.

The carpets, table cloths, pillow covers were washed and put out for drying. The gardens were cleaned, groomed and pots well arranged. Not to forget, at the same time the Hindu families get prepared for Tulsi Vivah for which they decorate the courtyard where  Tulsi is planted. The Christian families decorate the front yards where they have the holy cross.  The ribbons and chain lights were already pulled across the roads and over the chapel.

The same day was Halloween. The darkness had fallen. The village was silent. The old were tired. Nothing except the sound of breeze and the crackles of leaves could be heard. The village was blessed by the angel spirits of sleep.

Halloween Night!

Wait….Oh wait!

Before the early dawn, the villagers were up & only welcomed by a sudden shock. They all looked amused & perplexed. They called out one another, yelled, screamed. They ran helter skelter on the road from their houses to the church and back.  Nobody had any answer. Was the village attacked by the ghosts?

What’s happening you ask? A gang of mischievous village youths  played a Halloween trick. They picked up & mixed up the clothes meant for drying and put them all over the electric poles, the banyan trees, the roof tops. They picked up the vases & pots from the gardens and circled and lined them up on the road junction. They painted skeletons on the compound walls of the neighborhood houses. The motor bikes had the tires punctured. The ribbons meant for decorations were tied up to the street dogs tails.

They made the skeletons & old man statures & dressed them with some of the clothes belonging to the people who left them out on the strings. Whatever their hands could catch from the peoples houses were laid on the road, hung on the trees, on the electric poles and the roof tops.

The village was left in utter chaos. Then began the discussions, arguments, some acting like detectives gathering clues about who would be it.  This is a true story from the village of Navelim.The incident happened once that year, but caught the memory of the villagers so strong that every year during this time, the villagers take extra care of their belongings & stay cautious!

The mischief was truly amusing & therefore, reminds us that ghosts can be funny too!

Attack on the houses

                                                           HAPPY HALLOWEENS Ya Alllll!!!!


Its the Easter Month!

Its been quite sometime since I wrote down something, Little did I compose & little did I visit my favorite blogs and wrote down my comments about them. Though I had many things crawling on my mind, its as always the ‘time’.

While trying hard to catch up with time, multiple things have come up my way – some adventures, some fun, certain events, hell-lot of work and what not. In the end its fun and a good learning for life. Just that now, I escaped from going for an outing with friends to a resort as an overnight stay and get-together, I chose to stay back home. A compromise, but definitely helps at times.

Well, its mid-April already and I can sense this year being running as fast as it can. I usually have this targets set for every three months, but alas! life has become simply too fast-forwarded, that I can’t pause and look for the missing pieces.

Easter is approaching, and as always I shall be travelling back home. Festivals are celebrated grand in my place, Goa. The holy week has begun from today being the Palm Sunday. The rituals for Good Friday begin on the preceding Thursday. A feast symbolising the last supper of Christ is held on Thursday night. The end of this meal marks the beginning of the fast for Easter. On the day of Good Friday, innumerable Goan catholics flock to the church for the mass and then participate in the way of the cross. The sermon is usually in the Konkani language in front of the large crowd dressed in a formal attire, in usually black, white and blue colors. Good Friday is observed as a day of sorrow, grieving and fasting.

There is usually a midnight mass for Easter. Easter marks the end of the period of Lent, and the fast is broken on this day. Before breaking the fast, Christians go to the church for the Holy Communion. After this, they greet each other “A Happy Easter”. At home, wine is an essential accompaniment for lunch. The evening is set aside for get-togethers of family and friends, and dinner is a large elaborate feast. The gifting of the chocolate-crusted Easter egg to children at home is a ritual that is widely followed.

Easter Sunday is a day of hope and a new beginning. The Easter celebrations signify the triumph of truth over falsehood, of justice over injustice and of goodness over evil.

Lets hope this Easter brings along, peace in the world. Let us pray for the people suffering due to natural calamities, like the earthquakes, tsunami and nuclear blasts in Japan, Hurricanes and storms in the US and many other places and the like. Let us pray for a better world as we rejoice in the glorious resurrection of the Lord Jesus Christ on this auspicious occasion, May the almighty shower his light and blessings on the people in the world.

My weekend ends with this thought in mind, looking forward to yet another busy week ahead, until I leave to my hometown on the coming
Thursday. Happy Easter, in advance to all! 🙂

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Christmas 2009

Hey folks!!!

X’mas 2009.. celebrating in b’lore all in my own style 😀
8:15 a.m: My roomie ” Wake up girl… Its already 8:30…” * ehhh 8.30???? * she says “will be late for the movie..Up quick..”
yes and we were up greeting each other Merry Christmas 🙂 … quickly we all got ready and headed towards the well known “balaji” for breakfast . if u guessed it right.. it was idli plate
Next, at once we stuffed into the auto and in another 20 mins we were at Inox… All happy, excited to watch the movie “Avatar”..10 a.m show * so early in the morning *
This is the first 3D movie i was to watch, was a li’l more excited than the others.
“Avatar”…. class movie with photorealistic 3D imaginary literally transports you into the alien world!!!  Flora n fauna shown is amazing.. you’ll find all sorts of weird creatures so close to you….. you would’nt have imagined in your wildest dreamz..
had a great time there we all looking quite funny with those big eye glasses meant for 3D watching…. glasses bigger than my face 😉
The movie got over and it was a lunch time… 1 p.m. All of us had food at the food court and off we were back home..
As usual… enter home.. jump on the bed.. get d lappy (my bessssstttttt friend in blore :d)…n start chattin wid all buddies online…
Hummmm….. now day s getting a li’l boring…. n at once my roomie says.. “Hey lets go hang out some where .. ” and we went to forum.. 6 of us…
Oh my gossshhhhhhh…… damn crowded…. no breathing space… could not even dream abt entering Mc’ D nor KFC.. 😦
The decors were pretty beautiful in the center of the mall… with a huge x’mas tree… and a santa sleigh…lots of goodie packs n x’mas socks hanging around…
we munched some cookies from famous cookie man… yummy…….. n out we were from the suffocating crowd…. rushed for dinner at some place in Koramangala… this is the best part of b’lore… you find authentic food wherever you go!!
It was 9 p.m and we dropped in home… waiting for “Dance India Dance” show to come… one of our favs… luv to see some stunning performers der n alwys wonder why r we not talented dancers 😦
oops… x’mas day abt to get over….. me n my roomie… carefully locked the doors.. put off the hall lights and entered the bedroom..
both of us sat on the bed with our lappy’s…. and yes…. we decided to pen down our resolutions for the coming year 2010we r eagerly looking forward for this new yr… loads of plans… lots of hope, desire….
I opened a notepad and she took a book and a pen … soon we started noting one by one… marking some of ’em “Must Do”… wrote everything that striked our mind… soon we were ready with a biiiiiiiiigggg list
well,  you must be wondering what i mst ‘ve noted soo much… i can tell u one::*ahemmm* Eat well n healthy…and put on weight.. Must Do…..to avoid silly comments each time 😉
The x’mas day ws over…. spent very happily… received many wishes.. sent many wishes… what a swweeeet day it was!!! first time not in Goa…….