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I’m Feeling Lucky

Its crazy. We are already at the end of the second month of this magnificent 2015..too soon!

January has always & always been special to me. I so love this month. Everything about it. The newness, the hopes that it brings along, the joy, the dreams, the spirit and everything.  I’m still appreciating what January brought along this year and feeling really sad that it past by so soon.

I’d like to mention that I’ve been feeling so lucky since some time. It all started when I received a Christmas greeting card as a surprise from God-sent-friend who I don’t even know. I accepted it & kept it on my desk in the office until a week past New Years and then took it back home where it stands still on the table. Its a hand made card.

Not long after that I received another gift – a lovely pen from another God-sent-friend who I don’t know too. Its a lovely white pen with a golden design on it. (blue ink). What sign does it give? What shall I convey to myself to do? so… I accepted that as well. I haven’t used it yet. Its very pretty.




So it was January and about a week after this pen arrived was my Birthday. It was so special. The celebrations back home in Goa were so good. A day much filled with happiness. Meeting with good old friends has always been my favorite moments and then the memoirs I always treasure. Having spent my birthday back home in Goa was indeed a gift! Though I’m a January queen and I love snow, I’m here spreading the same snowy pure & divine peace. Perhaps, that is why this snow queen is given a task to live in India. Well, Its such a task!

Yet another interesting story was about Piano. I happened to read about this Gracious lady Natallia, A Russian Pianist. I saw her website where she has some of her videos & pictures gallery. One could tell I was impressed from the awestruck expression on my face. Beautiful & Brilliant. She turned out to be an inspiration. She is so confident, fluent, so expressive.. I mean, just about everything a great Pianist can have. I began dreaming again..it was like how Julie Powell dreamed of Julia Child.. So much in relation.. If only I could meet her some day, I thought.  There’s so much to learn.

Just then, I was told that we have a Piano recitals which was going to be held for the Valentine’s day and the theme was of course, Love! I was asked to choose my favorite and I picked “Way back into love” from the movie Music & Lyrics. This is a piece which has a very descriptive theme. Soft & hopeful. The stage was lovely with red & white balloons flying up and obviously with so many of the lovely Pianos. There were many groups performing but mine was a solo. I deeply enjoyed this particular performance. Its my favorite. May be it was the theme..the sight was such! So lucky I felt.

One fine afternoon I walked down to the ground floor of our office. There were a group of people who appeared to me like the ones from the advertisement company. Not sure why but they called me in and took a photograph. They were from Etihad. They presented to me a water bottle from Etihad. Yet another unexpected thing which I am now using everyday.

I also met with another my type of a person recently. An absolute shopaholic! and so we went hopping to  shopping and spent a lot on most of our favorite brands. We shopped till we dropped only to know that we dropped upon some of the nicest eateries around the town. What fun!

Accepting whatever that came my way blessed my heart with sheer joy. No regrets. Then, it was one of those lovely Tuesday evenings when I was playing the Piano. For some reason I remembered Natallia. It was suppose to be her Piano concert on the following Friday. That sudden moment when I uttered it and at once we (with my super cool Piano coach) decided to attend the concert. The place was too far from where I live and the concert was in the late evening but nothing could stop me.

That Friday evening was so beautiful. It was one of the special evenings where she marvelously played the Piano so expressively, so fluently, so wonderfully..It was like each of those pieces had such wonderful stories to tell! The concert gave me an opportunity to dream of those dreams.. to believe to be passionate..It was so inspiring. It was at the end of the concert that we got a chance to meet her! yes! I met her. I met Natallia. I shook hands with her. I thanked her. Oh my my.. such a dream come true experience it was! She is such a star!

Life is beautiful when we realize the beauty of it everyday, don’t you agree?



Hallo Halloween!

She asks me, “Do you celebrate Halloween over in India? Any such celebrations?”

I kept staring in amazement. Lady, do you want to know? Do you really, really want to know?

Well dear readers, I’m not sure about the rest of our country. But yes, we do have a “Halloween” celebrated in Goa, very grand and funny!

November is usually a very busy month for the folks dwelling in the village of  Navelim.  all getting prepared for the grand feast of Our Lady of Rosary. The houses and the village streets are lit up with colorful lights, the whole huge area around the Navelim Church is occupied for the fair – A huge fair!

Prior to the feast comes the Halloween’s day, about the time when the excitement for the whole months celebrations are at its peak.

It was a lovely November day moderately cold, sweet, pleasing to the senses. As always, the people began getting ready for the months celebrations with cleaning the houses, gardens, decorating the village streets, making the best arrangements to welcome the November guests.

The joy of feast & celebrations often takes over the bleakness of the “All souls day”.  The young and the old remain so busy listing down their wishes and getting the best out of that which is available.

The carpets, table cloths, pillow covers were washed and put out for drying. The gardens were cleaned, groomed and pots well arranged. Not to forget, at the same time the Hindu families get prepared for Tulsi Vivah for which they decorate the courtyard where  Tulsi is planted. The Christian families decorate the front yards where they have the holy cross.  The ribbons and chain lights were already pulled across the roads and over the chapel.

The same day was Halloween. The darkness had fallen. The village was silent. The old were tired. Nothing except the sound of breeze and the crackles of leaves could be heard. The village was blessed by the angel spirits of sleep.

Halloween Night!

Wait….Oh wait!

Before the early dawn, the villagers were up & only welcomed by a sudden shock. They all looked amused & perplexed. They called out one another, yelled, screamed. They ran helter skelter on the road from their houses to the church and back.  Nobody had any answer. Was the village attacked by the ghosts?

What’s happening you ask? A gang of mischievous village youths  played a Halloween trick. They picked up & mixed up the clothes meant for drying and put them all over the electric poles, the banyan trees, the roof tops. They picked up the vases & pots from the gardens and circled and lined them up on the road junction. They painted skeletons on the compound walls of the neighborhood houses. The motor bikes had the tires punctured. The ribbons meant for decorations were tied up to the street dogs tails.

They made the skeletons & old man statures & dressed them with some of the clothes belonging to the people who left them out on the strings. Whatever their hands could catch from the peoples houses were laid on the road, hung on the trees, on the electric poles and the roof tops.

The village was left in utter chaos. Then began the discussions, arguments, some acting like detectives gathering clues about who would be it.  This is a true story from the village of Navelim.The incident happened once that year, but caught the memory of the villagers so strong that every year during this time, the villagers take extra care of their belongings & stay cautious!

The mischief was truly amusing & therefore, reminds us that ghosts can be funny too!

Attack on the houses

                                                           HAPPY HALLOWEENS Ya Alllll!!!!


Welcome Monsoons!

Its almost the Monsoons!  The pre-monsoon winds are here. The most long-awaited time of the year. The freshness is all in the air. The showers have blessed our wonderland. All we needed is to feel the thunders and watch the sparkles of the lightning in the sky.  The clouds have gathered. They are over-joyed and they want to break their excitement over our motherland, by clashing into one another and pouring the showers of blessings.

Its just a perfect weather to have your evening coffee and hot snacks while sitting by the window watching the rains. It brings out a wave of  nostalgia, while it takes you back into the memory lane. The times when monsoons arrived during the school re-opening. When you are all excited to go into the next class, packing your bag with fresh new books taking the smell of those new pages over & over millions of times.  The new rain coat, the new uniform, the new school bag, the new tiffin box and the water bottle. Tell me, do you cherish those wonder days?

While the roads would be logged with the rain water, I used to be one of those kids who would jump into the mud puddles. There was no question of carrying the umbrella, because even if you had one the powerful wind & the heavy rains would not let you hold it intact.  Our school ground used to be filled with the rain waters up to our knee level and we used to carry another pair of uniforms to school. I loved those mud puddles and I remember the stones they used to keep so that we could skip from one stone to another to reach our school gates. What fun!

The monsoon showers bring along  those memories of the first love, the first of its kind. The love that blossomed just like the buds blossomed into the beautiful flowers.  As the rain drops hit upon the roof top, you remember the first heart beat you felt when the two hearts clicked. Watching the rainbow you cherish the colors that your love has painted your life with. The warmth of the two hands holding each other while walking down the road sharing an umbrella.  Tell me, don’t you agree?

If there is something remarkable about the season, it is the feeling of freshness it brings to the young and the old.  The cuckoo and the hummingbird sing their melodies expressing their feelings about the monsoons.  The feeling that makes you thank the almighty for giving us a wonderful life.  Can you imagine standing under the tree with a group of friends for protecting from the rain and then a sudden urge to shake the branches, just to feel the tinkling droplets.

Its specially in my developing village back home that we usually have no electricity during the monsoons.  Our house with four glass doors in the living room when its pitch dark everywhere except for the oil lamps lit in the living room and then comes bolts of lightning which tremendously brightens up our house and then a “thhuddd”. Those thunders. Believe me, its damn scary. Then you hear your neighbors scream saying the trees have uprooted by the road side or the electric pole has collapsed. very common. Afters it takes two to three days to get the lines fixed.

Let us wait & watch what the monsoons have brought for us this year.

Overall, I love the rains. I love everything about it. The smell of the freshly wet mud, the oil lamps & candles, the heavy winds, the lush greenery, the newness, I could go on forever.

I am planning my vacations for the next month & I shall get you some pictures of the monsoons from back home. Until then, take care & have a blessed time 🙂


I Kissed the Sun!

Yes, I did. I kissed the sun this morning!  Where? In this cozy corner in my house where I sip my first cup of tea every morning, where the sun falls through the balcony door & there I sit on the floor. The sun wishes me a wonderful day, and I thank the sun back for coming this way. And we both smile, across the miles for we are God’s workmanship.

I love sun. The brightness, the warmth, the energy , the variance and everything about it. The sun’s golden rays, and that’s what my name means too!

Sun at its best - Colva Beach

I hail from the place above. Is’nt it glorious? It brings back those fond memories like a walk by the shore with my family. I miss the “silent, lost in thoughts” walk while the sun would answer some of the questions for us.

There's always sun behind

There’s the sun showing its uniqueness, giving its brightness among’st the dark. That is how special the sun is.

There is always sun behind the clouds

Through the deep shola forest too!

Its when I look up, the sun is always there giving me the everlasting feeling of liveliness.  Saying, “You are a part of me. You are a light.” when I need it and sometimes “Today is your day, go create your dreams.” 🙂

Have you ever kissed the sun too? 😉


Its the Easter Month!

Its been quite sometime since I wrote down something, Little did I compose & little did I visit my favorite blogs and wrote down my comments about them. Though I had many things crawling on my mind, its as always the ‘time’.

While trying hard to catch up with time, multiple things have come up my way – some adventures, some fun, certain events, hell-lot of work and what not. In the end its fun and a good learning for life. Just that now, I escaped from going for an outing with friends to a resort as an overnight stay and get-together, I chose to stay back home. A compromise, but definitely helps at times.

Well, its mid-April already and I can sense this year being running as fast as it can. I usually have this targets set for every three months, but alas! life has become simply too fast-forwarded, that I can’t pause and look for the missing pieces.

Easter is approaching, and as always I shall be travelling back home. Festivals are celebrated grand in my place, Goa. The holy week has begun from today being the Palm Sunday. The rituals for Good Friday begin on the preceding Thursday. A feast symbolising the last supper of Christ is held on Thursday night. The end of this meal marks the beginning of the fast for Easter. On the day of Good Friday, innumerable Goan catholics flock to the church for the mass and then participate in the way of the cross. The sermon is usually in the Konkani language in front of the large crowd dressed in a formal attire, in usually black, white and blue colors. Good Friday is observed as a day of sorrow, grieving and fasting.

There is usually a midnight mass for Easter. Easter marks the end of the period of Lent, and the fast is broken on this day. Before breaking the fast, Christians go to the church for the Holy Communion. After this, they greet each other “A Happy Easter”. At home, wine is an essential accompaniment for lunch. The evening is set aside for get-togethers of family and friends, and dinner is a large elaborate feast. The gifting of the chocolate-crusted Easter egg to children at home is a ritual that is widely followed.

Easter Sunday is a day of hope and a new beginning. The Easter celebrations signify the triumph of truth over falsehood, of justice over injustice and of goodness over evil.

Lets hope this Easter brings along, peace in the world. Let us pray for the people suffering due to natural calamities, like the earthquakes, tsunami and nuclear blasts in Japan, Hurricanes and storms in the US and many other places and the like. Let us pray for a better world as we rejoice in the glorious resurrection of the Lord Jesus Christ on this auspicious occasion, May the almighty shower his light and blessings on the people in the world.

My weekend ends with this thought in mind, looking forward to yet another busy week ahead, until I leave to my hometown on the coming
Thursday. Happy Easter, in advance to all! 🙂


By the shores

‘Hey Sheryl, Check it out!’ screamed little Daphnie. ‘There is a star shaped object right here. Oh, how lovely! Looks like a star has fallen from the sky! Amazing!’ Her face appeared to be pinked with excitement. Daphnie’s eyes were gleaming as the waves reflected clearly by her eyes. It was a bright sunny day when Daphnie and Sheryl were taken out at the Candolim beach by Sheryl’s Mum. As the waves were gushing towards the shore, dragging away the sand, thereby listing the beautiful sea ornaments on the wet sand, Daphnie and Sheryl got themselves busy gathering the sea shells. The varieties of shells – the sea urchins, cowrie shells, scallop shells bearing different shapes amazed them as their thoughts wandered about how and how these shells originate. As the girls built up the sand castle, the waves would gush and smash their small cute castle and they would build it up again. They jumped into the sea with excitement thus getting drenched and twitched up their lips as the ocean salt water entered their mouth. As the waves approached them Daphnie splashed water on Sheryl and they both shouted out with glee. All they could hear was the sound of violently splashing waves and the strong breeze blowing at a speed hitting the shore side coconut trees.

Millions of Shells
shells & more

Sheryl’s Mum was overjoyed as she saw the two girls admiring the nature at the beach. She thought, ‘Nature is such a gift to humanity! such pleasure the colors of the nature bring, such simpleness, peace & love mother nature selflessly share. How destined are we. The waves brush away all the worlds sorrows, the birds bring cheer, the trees sway with the wind thus adding calmness, the flowers along side adding freshness thus spreading the joyous fragrance. How beautiful it looks when the old leaves fly away thus filling up the air. How pretty it looks when the sea shells gather at the shore when the wave breaks harshly and then the shells go deep down into the sand disappearing into the wild oceanic. You never know when you see the next bunch of shells – are they the same that went into the sand core? The crabs crawling through the wet sand at the shore and then hide into the pores. The oysters thus break open after being matured, some of them producing natural pearls by consuming parasites over days. How truly amazing!’

Around Kukkal Caves, South India

As the girls filled up their kerchiefs with sea shell collections, She thought, ‘Look around the place. Oh! why are the coke bottles swinging with the waves? why is the plastic floating into the deep blue sea? why is the dark smoke rising up polluting the fresh air? Oh! suddenly the fresh air seems to be filled with unbearable suffocating smoke. Why are the cigarette packets found everywhere in the sand where the children are suppose to be building their sand castles? The clean sand is seen to being getting black and the sea water isn’t as clear as it used to be. Why is the immaculate nature being tortured? Does Sheryl and Daphnie even know whats going to happen to the beauty they are right now deeply admiring? Whats the future?’

smoke all around. ruin!

Give your thoughts!! Just like little Daphnie and Sheryl, we used to play at the sea shore during our childhood days and collect the beautiful sea ornaments. But now, the beaches are such polluted that we don’t feel like visiting them any more. Sadly, the tar stones are found on the sand that once used to be clear and soft. The cola cans and the cigarette packs are always found floating by the shore.

What do you think?

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A short tale about her

She enters her villa around 6:00 p.m. She flings her white leather purse over the neatly laid bed covered with decorative pleated bed spread and pillows covered with a blue satin case. Her mind is wandering at a speed so high, she feels as if her life is going to be carried by those huge tides at the sea pulling her towards the moons direction, She has no control over. She closes her eyes and joins her hands together, kneels down and begins her prayers.

Amelia Albuquerque is a resident of Sinquerim village, Goa. Being the youngest amongst six, she is one of those pampered darlings not just in the family but also in the neighborhood. She is one of the most adorable, bearing barbie-like features and mysterious habits that leaves no human without admiring her. She is one of those with gifted brilliance, and a strong will-power. She has a strong affection for wildlife, she enjoys nature and loves to take care of mother earth by every means.

Amelia is now 24, an interior designer by profession. She has earned a well-deserved reputation of being one of the finest designers of Goa. Her time flies away with the wind of the beach while she plans the interiors of the mansions, advising on the color schemes, suggesting the light effects for the star hotels, the furniture set ups, arranging beautiful spaces and the like. She is very much dedicated to her work and ensures that her clients get the best out of her creativity and talent. Her highlights include designs of the interiors of well known Cidade de Goa, Royal Orchids, Estrela Do Mar Beach Resort and also some of the bedazzling goan mansions with class goan architectures esp. solar colaso and braganza house.

Today is a big day for Amelia. She has been called by the American Society of Interior Designers (ASID).This is something she has been dreaming all her life. Today, she is going to meet Ms. Svetlana Dolla, a member of the International Interior Design Association who is also a president at the University of Connecticut. Amelia wakes up early this morning, recalling the fact that it is she who has made this day come true. The day she has been waiting all her life, she recalls her dreams. A wave of creative triumph flows through her. She picks up the most elegant formal outfit that was gifted by her elder sister on her last birthday. Wearing the matching shoes and the appropriate shades of makeup on her charming face she leaves from her house, to the Sinquerim church and then to the interior designers association club at Panjim where the meeting was suppose to be held. Nervousness strikes her but she knows, she is well prepared to face the board. She believes, whatever happens god is always with her through thick and thin.

She reaches the venue well before time. She is welcomed at the reception and asked to be sitted for sometime at the lobby. Within no time she is being called to the inside room. The room is brightly lighted up, having the modern art paintings hanging by the wall. The atmosphere is peaceful, and there at the center is Ms. Svetlana who walks forward, gently introduces herself to Amelia with a handshake. Ms. Svetlana, takes Amelia further in another room where the entire board is present and offers Amelia to have a sit and they begin.

Two hours later, Amelia, is outside facing the club entrance. Her hands shivering, she can feel her blood running cold. She is unable to respond. Is this really happening in her life?
Well, yes!! Amelia has been chosen by the international interior designers association and she must travel to the United States by next month where she will be working with Charlotte Moss, one of the worlds most famous and fine interior designers! To Amelia this is no small thing. She has struggled all her years working towards one goal. Her dreams about being an international designer seems to be hugging her now. Amelia, What a dream come true!! 🙂

Its about dreams