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I’m Feeling Lucky

Its crazy. We are already at the end of the second month of this magnificent 2015..too soon!

January has always & always been special to me. I so love this month. Everything about it. The newness, the hopes that it brings along, the joy, the dreams, the spirit and everything.  I’m still appreciating what January brought along this year and feeling really sad that it past by so soon.

I’d like to mention that I’ve been feeling so lucky since some time. It all started when I received a Christmas greeting card as a surprise from God-sent-friend who I don’t even know. I accepted it & kept it on my desk in the office until a week past New Years and then took it back home where it stands still on the table. Its a hand made card.

Not long after that I received another gift – a lovely pen from another God-sent-friend who I don’t know too. Its a lovely white pen with a golden design on it. (blue ink). What sign does it give? What shall I convey to myself to do? so… I accepted that as well. I haven’t used it yet. Its very pretty.




So it was January and about a week after this pen arrived was my Birthday. It was so special. The celebrations back home in Goa were so good. A day much filled with happiness. Meeting with good old friends has always been my favorite moments and then the memoirs I always treasure. Having spent my birthday back home in Goa was indeed a gift! Though I’m a January queen and I love snow, I’m here spreading the same snowy pure & divine peace. Perhaps, that is why this snow queen is given a task to live in India. Well, Its such a task!

Yet another interesting story was about Piano. I happened to read about this Gracious lady Natallia, A Russian Pianist. I saw her website where she has some of her videos & pictures gallery. One could tell I was impressed from the awestruck expression on my face. Beautiful & Brilliant. She turned out to be an inspiration. She is so confident, fluent, so expressive.. I mean, just about everything a great Pianist can have. I began dreaming again..it was like how Julie Powell dreamed of Julia Child.. So much in relation.. If only I could meet her some day, I thought.  There’s so much to learn.

Just then, I was told that we have a Piano recitals which was going to be held for the Valentine’s day and the theme was of course, Love! I was asked to choose my favorite and I picked “Way back into love” from the movie Music & Lyrics. This is a piece which has a very descriptive theme. Soft & hopeful. The stage was lovely with red & white balloons flying up and obviously with so many of the lovely Pianos. There were many groups performing but mine was a solo. I deeply enjoyed this particular performance. Its my favorite. May be it was the theme..the sight was such! So lucky I felt.

One fine afternoon I walked down to the ground floor of our office. There were a group of people who appeared to me like the ones from the advertisement company. Not sure why but they called me in and took a photograph. They were from Etihad. They presented to me a water bottle from Etihad. Yet another unexpected thing which I am now using everyday.

I also met with another my type of a person recently. An absolute shopaholic! and so we went hopping to  shopping and spent a lot on most of our favorite brands. We shopped till we dropped only to know that we dropped upon some of the nicest eateries around the town. What fun!

Accepting whatever that came my way blessed my heart with sheer joy. No regrets. Then, it was one of those lovely Tuesday evenings when I was playing the Piano. For some reason I remembered Natallia. It was suppose to be her Piano concert on the following Friday. That sudden moment when I uttered it and at once we (with my super cool Piano coach) decided to attend the concert. The place was too far from where I live and the concert was in the late evening but nothing could stop me.

That Friday evening was so beautiful. It was one of the special evenings where she marvelously played the Piano so expressively, so fluently, so wonderfully..It was like each of those pieces had such wonderful stories to tell! The concert gave me an opportunity to dream of those dreams.. to believe to be passionate..It was so inspiring. It was at the end of the concert that we got a chance to meet her! yes! I met her. I met Natallia. I shook hands with her. I thanked her. Oh my my.. such a dream come true experience it was! She is such a star!

Life is beautiful when we realize the beauty of it everyday, don’t you agree?




Wearing my viollette skirt and a weiss blouse holding a blaue umbrella, I walked past the village Chapel. I barely noticed anything on my way, neither did I realize the stubborn smile not wanting to leave my face and my ears listening to Henry absolutely without my permission.

Who is Henry?

An uninvited spare who has been glued to me on his toes. A chap who has arrived out of nowhere. A complete stranger whom I have no intention of knowing. But here, I have my eyes and ears so devout, so still, as if they do not belong to me anymore. My hands automatically raise themselves holding his and he drops my fingers from the top, making a pattern which if fallen on the grand Piano in the same pattern would produce the best music in the world!

When Henry begins his counseling speech, my eyes, ears and hands listen to him so devotionally as if he is a master of all, descended from God. They act as if they are receiving the worlds number 1 training.

I let them.

Months past, and I observed them get sharpened. I left the rest of my desires for which I needed them to act upon. I let them do as they like. I did carefully observe if Henry was spoiling them, being suspicious. He did not.
They are so fond of Henry. Its like they share so much with him, they spend hours together. They are always obedient to him. They get pretty close!

Whenever I sit in-front of the Ritmullers Grand Piano, I look into the music sheet. But, before I even begin reading the signatures, my hands are already on the keys. My eyes screen over the scales as if they have mastered them. My ears listen to the tempo and verify that its just perfect. My eyes, hands and ears are so much in sync! There’s hardly anything that I need to do to get them under control.

Astonished by this, I laid back. Rest of the hours I spent thinking endlessly. Who is Henry after all? From where did the forces come in? How is my body not even paying attention to my mind which is filled with other crap – of work, of hatred, of displeasure, of loneliness, depression…

I searched everywhere, until I stumbled upon this book. Below is the cover picture:

Henry Steinway

Henry Steinway

Henry Steinway? Oh, that’s you? You are not a stranger! you are not an intruder! You are Henry Steinway!!! The one who made Pianos in Germany and United States [Henry E. Steinway (February 15, 1797 – February 7, 1871)

All I did was scream out a big WOW! I mean, WOW!!

Well, below is what I play:

Ritmuller Grand Piano

Ritmuller Grand Piano

Isn’t it amazing?